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Frequently asked questions

 I have an idea, where do I start?

Here! The Generator offers workshops to help you build on your ideas, a mentor network for you to connect with for advice, and a space for you to work and collaborate with other students.

 Do I need funding to start my business?

Not necessarily. We can help you navigate the principles around Lean Startup and how to start a business with the least amount of investment as possible. Have sales and customers for a business you’ve started? Our mentors can guide you on to the next step.

 I’m not interested in starting a business right now, but can I still participate?

Absolutely. You can level up your skills for when you embark on an entrepreneurial journey in the future or apply this approach to the work you will do. TRU Generator events are open to everyone.

 Do I have to be Canadian to start a business in BC?

Short answer, no, but there are some legal and tax requirements to look at. For more information, read this article at Small Business BC.