Competition Components


There will be two academic events in the following areas: A “Living Case Study” and an on-line simulation.

Living Case Study: a local organization needs your help!

Competing MBA Teams (of up to four students) will be challenged to demonstrate their business acumen and bring their most creative ideas to life. Using their research and critical thinking skills, each team will analyze the issues presented and will come up with actionable recommendations. A panel of experts from the community will serve as judges for the team presentations.

On-line Simulation: Turbulent Waters – a tragedy of the commons?

Students will find themselves navigating turbulent waters involving managing a business and a natural resource. Strategy and reasoning will be critical to stay afloat.

Each participating team will need 3-4 students to set sail. Technical requirements will be provided two weeks prior to the event.


The athletic event will be a Strava miles challenge that will emphasize teamwork and sportsmanship.

Strava Miles

Each team will be participating in this challenge by walking, running, and/or cycling. We will be using the STRAVA application to track kilometers accumulated by each team member. The team with the most kilometers at the end of the time limit will be declared the winner. Each participant must complete a minimum of 30KM to contribute towards the team total.

Number of Participants: 12-14 from each team.

Duration: October 14-29 (2 Weeks)


Fundraising Team Challenge

Each team will be required to raise money that will be contributed to the Non-profit Society partner. Teams will be awarded spirit points based on their total fundraising efforts and the fundraising total.

This year we’re collaborating with The Adams River Salmon Society as our non-profit society partner. Their mission is to help preserve the cultural and natural values of the Tsútswecw Provincial Park on the Adams River through education and interpretation programs. Every four years, the Society also hosts the Salute to the Sokeye, a festival celebrating the salmon that have made the 500 kilometer journey from the Pacific Ocean. For more information, check out

Creative Video competition

Put your creativity to work; each team will need to record a short play/skit with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 team members. This play must reflect the theme “One earth, one future: Business as usual no longer an option” in an innovative manner. More details on the rules and regulations for the play will be provided in the captain’s package.

Mystery event

A mystery competition will provide the opportunity for participants to test their team spirit and creativity.

Information about the event will be provided closer to the weekend of the Games. Each team is required to have 4-5 participants.



All members of the team are expected to show respect and positivity to everyone, including organizers, volunteers and other teams. Points will be awarded based on team spirit, general conduct, adherence to all rules, and contribution to the creation of a “good vibe”.