EUReKA Workshops

What do we do?

The EUReKA! Team will visit your classroom and conduct a 90-minute presentation to your class. Teachers will be able to choose from some of 9 new topics, depending on the age range, which cover many areas of science such as engineering, physics, biology, and chemistry. 

How much is it?

A single workshop within Kamloops is $95.00. Out-of-town workshops are $110.00 to cover travelling expenses.

We supply all the materials needed and leave your class with additional resources for projects that are easy to repeat at home or in the classroom.

*BONUS: Book a whole day (3 workshops) at your school, and save $20.00 off the total. This can be with different teachers or the same teacher with different topics.

When is it?

Eureka will be making these workshops available to you during these time slots 1) before recess 2) between recess and lunch and 3) after lunch and on the following dates: weekdays beginning May 15th until June 19th, 2023.
Attention teachers
: workshop booking will begin on April 19th! More information will be sent out in March.


EUReKA! 2023 Science Workshops 

Calling all Curious Minds!

Primary: Grades K–2

Zooming with Forces

Are you one to just go with the flow and always on a roll? Do you find yourself questioning why we move and how we move? This workshop is a fun way to teach children about the forces that make things move by going outside and observing whether objects are in motion or not. We will also get our roll on by pushing cars down a ramp if you’re feeling the need for speed! Let’s zoom into science and get in motion and may the forces be with us!

Amazing Animal Adaptations 

Helloooo campers! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have superpowers? What if you could fly? Or see in the dark? Well, come along as we explore the amazing world of animal adaptations and discover all the spectacular superpowers that the animal kingdom has to offer! First, you’ll examine cool camouflage and magical mimicry by using marbles, and taking on the role of predators – who will be the last marble standing? Next, you’ll find out who has the most brilliant bird beak as you gobble up grubs! Finally, you will uncover the secret super hearing of owls as you hunt around for mice! You might even have the chance to create an amazingly adapted animal of your own!

Yikes! This doesn’t belong here!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait, it’s an imposter! Do you think you got what it takes to seek out the imposter? Is it me, is it you, or is it this invasive species? Your first mission is to sus out whose environment the suspects belong too. Are these animals locals, bygone relics, or are they imposters among us? Next, you’ll need to take out the trash as you race against your friends to get rid of the weeds before they completely take over! But don’t worry kids, Agent Bionic Bob is on his way to help you solve the mysteries of the wickedly wicked invasive species. Will you answer the call for help?

Intermediate: Grades 3–5

Adaptation Creature Creator

Why don’t we find flamingos in the arctic or koalas in Kamloops? That’s because those animals are not adapted to those environments. In this workshop students will learn all about different ways animals adapt to their environment. Students will put their new knowledge to the test when they are introduced to a newly found landscape where they will be tasked to create their own creature that is adapted to that new unique environment. Will your creature have long hair, bright feathers or a hard shell?

Feel The Heat

Get ready to feel the heat in this sizzling science class! We're going to uncover the secrets of how heat energy gets around, and it's going to be hotter than a jalapeño pepper! We'll start by whipping up some elephant toothpaste that's so bubbly and frothy, you'll feel like you're in a science lab! Then, we'll play the "Feel the Heat" game where you'll get to move around and bump into each other like hot and cold water molecules - it's gonna be wild! Finally, we'll race some food coloring molecules and see who can get to the finish line first. Will it be the red dye in the warm water or the blue dye in the cold water? You'll have to join us to find out! So grab your lab coats and get ready for some heat-filled fun!

The Bare Bones of it

Unleash your inner scientist and embark on a bone-chilling adventure! Discover the amazing world of bones as you explore the structure and function of the skeletal system. Build your own skeleton and find the puzzle pieces of the thoracic spine. Lastly, put your detective skills to the test by helping Sheldon the Skeleton’s bones, his sneaky little dog is always trying to hide them! These and more in the spine-tingling journey in The Bare Bones of it.

Senior: Grades 6–7

Gnarly Natural Selection

In our Gnarly Natural Selection workshop, you will learn all about natural selection and how it works through Darwin’s Galapagos Finches! Take one of four unique beaks and be a bird in the Natural Beak Selection Game! Be careful - if your beak isn’t well adapted to the environment, natural selection may force you to change. Can you and your peers eat enough to survive? We’ll track population data so you can watch evolution in real time! And have you ever wondered how natural selection has shaped the animals we know and love today? See if you can find the answers to these puzzling problems in the Natural Selection Guessing Game! Plus, we’ll bring extra activities so you can keep the Science fun going in the classroom, and at home! This Eureka workshop is a natural selection.

Alkaline Agriculture

Listen up, budding scientists and farmers alike! Get ready to dive headfirst into the world of acids and bases with this action-packed workshop. Discover the secrets of chemistry as you conduct thrilling experiments and learn how to measure pH using colourful indicators. But that's not all! You'll also put your skills to the test as you race to save your very own farmland from disaster. Can you handle the heat? Are you brave enough to take on this challenge?

Algorithms and Flowcharts 

Attention techies! Get ready to put on your thinking caps and join us for an epic journey through the land of algorithms and flowcharts. Together we will unravel the mysteries of programming and learn to think like a computer. So, buckle up, grab a pencil and paper, and let’s get ready to code our way to success! It is going to be a thrilling ride full of challenges, but fear not, for we will conquer them all with our programming force. Let the coding journeys begin!