EUReKA Workshops

What do we do?

The EUReKA! Team will visit your classroom and conduct a 90-minute presentation to your class. Teachers will be able to choose from some of 7 new topics, depending on the age range, which cover many areas of science such as engineering, physics, biology, and chemistry. 

How much is it?

A single workshop within Kamloops is $75.00. Out-of-town workshops are $90.00 to cover travelling expenses.

We supply all the materials needed and leave your class with additional resources for projects that are easy to repeat at home or in the classroom.

*BONUS: Book a whole day (3 workshops) at your school, and save $20.00 off the total. This can be with different teachers or the same teacher with different topics.

When is it?

Eureka will be making these workshops available to you during these time slots 1) before recess 2) between recess and lunch and 3) after lunch and on the following dates: weekdays beginning May 13th until June 21st, 2019.
Attention teachers
: workshop booking will begin on April 8th! More information will be sent out in March.

Also, Project Books will be available for an additional $20, which include all of the summer camp projects from 2017! This is an amazing price for such a useful teacher resource! Please feel free to contact the office staff (250-371-5534) for more information.

Workshop Topics 


Brilliant Botany

Join the E! Team and grow your understanding of plants. Students will discover what plants need to live and grow; then, they can apply their knowledge and plant their own grass. The E! Team will explain that hungry plants always make light snacks with photosynthesis. Students can make a CHLOROful drawing of a flower by rubbing leaves on paper. Furthermore, the anatomy of flowers will be rooted into students’ knowledge after this workshop. Finally, the E! Team will demonstrate the sunny side of the future by showing a solar panel in action. Take it or leaf it, but this workshop will exSEED your expectations!

Three For One, Three Times the Fun

Ever wonder how a cactus stays cool or how a whale stays warm? Do you find science overwhaleming? The E! Team is here to help! We’ll adapt to your classroom habitat and get it poppin’ with some reactive chemistry. Finally, we can catapult ourselves into fantastic physics. This wacky workshop explores all three of these super sciences!


Brainiac Biology

Do you “lobe” science? Are you interested in learning more about what’s knockin’ inside your noggin? Join the EUReKA! Team as secret agents who will undercover the mysterious secrets of the BRAIN! In this workshop, we will put our heads together and test the incredible abilities (and some limitations) of the amazingly adaptable brain through a variety of games and demonstrations.

Exploring Energy

Feeling especially energetic today? This workshop has the potential to be awesome – but the E! Team needs your help! Help us conduct an experiment to investigate how heat affects different materials and then watch a cool example of how insulators work. We’ll explore kinetic and potential energy and how heat transfers from one system to another. It might take some work, but you’ll radiate a better understanding of energy afterwards!

Captivating Climate Change

Does global warming get you heated?! Crazy about Climate Change? Feeling like your brain is getting polluted with the wrong information? The E! Team is here to make those murky waters a little clearer for you! Together we can travel down the hazy river and go where the contaminated winds take us. We’ll even help you learn a little about the greenhouse gases with all your classes! Maybe, if you’re really lucky, we can even fish for something to take home with you!


Crazy Colourful Chemistry

Are you periodically stumped by chemistry? Come and get into your element with the E! Team. We’re going to learn all about chemical reactions and how to make crazy colours with rockin’ heavy metals. Don’t pHreak out over pH, its super basic. It’s guaranteed to get a good reaction. Give it a chance and by the end you’ll feel as positive as a proton about chemistry.

Codemakers Presents: Marvelous Mathematics

How many clowns can you fit in a clown car? Want to know the answer? Join the E! Team as we use the infinitely exciting world of computer science and math to explore the best solution. This workshop is the sum of all fun activities and will surely excite your students. If it doesn’t, I’m sure we can simulate it, but there’s a high probability of fun! This workshop will ensure that your knowledge of math and computers is greater than before.