EUReKA Workshops

What do we do?

The EUReKA! Team will visit your classroom and conduct a 90-minute presentation to your class. Teachers will be able to choose from some of 7 new topics, depending on the age range, which cover many areas of science such as engineering, physics, biology, and chemistry. 

How much is it?

A single workshop within Kamloops is $85.00. Out-of-town workshops are $100.00 to cover travelling expenses.

We supply all the materials needed and leave your class with additional resources for projects that are easy to repeat at home or in the classroom.

*BONUS: Book a whole day (3 workshops) at your school, and save $20.00 off the total. This can be with different teachers or the same teacher with different topics.

When is it?

Eureka will be making these workshops available to you during these time slots 1) before recess 2) between recess and lunch and 3) after lunch and on the following dates: weekdays beginning May 16th until June 22nd, 2022.
Attention teachers
: workshop booking will begin on April 19th! More information will be sent out in March.


Workshop Topics 


Bubble Bananza

Want to make some unbelieBUBBLE art!? This workshop will make the heads of students everywhere pop right up when they hear they will get the chance to make their own bubble wand and create colourful art by blowing bubbles onto paper to create magnificent pieces of art. Students will learn about how bubbles give off a variety of colours through the power of refraction and will learn about different wavelengths and how they connect to your eyes!

Dino Dig

Get ready to have a dino-mite time! In this blast-from the past workshop, students will learn about paleontology, evolution, and the process of fossilization through hands on activities and interactive lessons pertaining to the behaviour, morphology, and traits of dinosaurs and other fossilized specimens. The interactive hands-on experience let’s students engage in their work while simultaneously creating new learning skills and strategies. This workshop will be anything but a dino-snore!

Bending, Breaking or Bubbling

We hope to get you in your element in this workshop where we will delve into the differences between chemical and physical changes and discover some key signs to watch out for. We hope to get a reaction out of students with an experiment, a colouring page and games! This workshop will shake up your student’s day and by the end of it, they’ll be able to differentiate between bending, breaking and bubbling.



Exciting Ecosystems

Are your students ready to branch out and learn about ecosystems? We won’t be pollen your leg when we teach all about interconnected ecosystems and the food chains that sustain them.  Be ready to have your stalks knocked off as you learn what living things are at home in different ecosystems and get the chance to design your own exciting ecosystem resident. We know you must be bursting with excitement, but romaine calm, you won’t beleaf your eyes when you see the interactions between biotic and abiotic factors. 

Magnificent Magnet Mania

The bank just rejected our loan to build a magnet themed amusement park... They were repulsed by the idea, so instead we developed this module. In this workshop students will learn about what types of materials are magnetic, how magnets repulse and attract other magnets, and physically see what a magnetic field looks like. As long as the students are not repulsed by the idea of going outside, a fun game will be played that will reinforce the concept of north and south poles. Hopefully the fun activities that we do will attract some young minds to the world of science.

Let’s Get Pumped

Do you have what it takes to out-pump your own heart? If you have the heart to try, urine good hands! I aorta tell you about the cool ways in which your body circulates blood and signals; the pleasure is spine, after all. Your body is like a factory, shipping packages in the form of blood to different organ departments and then recycling the remnants to the head depot for re-fueling, your heart and lungs! But watch out for nasty roadblocks because traffic could build up and shut down operations. This series of crafts, chemical experiments, and outdoor games will nurture learning and healthy living in a fun, supportive, and safe environment. After all, some of the most relevant sciences are ones that influence us directly!



Circuit Savvy

For once, you can explore your curiosity in circuits WITHOUT a shocking surprise! This project introduces electrical circuits to the students and allows them to gain insight on the different properties of Ohm's Law and gain knowledge on how conductors and insulators may affect the circuit. As well as where they may see circuits in their everyday life. Just make sure you don’t clip one end of the alligator clip to your finger, people around you may ask "Wire you doing that?" or "Watt do you think you're doing?"

Password Pedantry

Who is ready to break into the world of passwords and security? We will begin by cracking into an analysis of common and bad passwords, then securing how to create stronger passwords, and finally hashing out how computers check and verify passwords with a hash. Password security is a common issue faced by many every day, and if there was a way to reduce the likelihood of it happening by becoming tech pro’s, we would all be much happier! Unlock this new knowledge by booking this workshop. *If booking this workshop, please reserve chromebooks for your class*

Brilliant Buildings

In this workshop, students will build up their knowledge brick by brick learning about engineering and physics as they work in teams to design and construct a skyscraper. Teams will fortify their learning and earn extra materials for their buildings by playing a game similar to Cranium, then they will draw up a blueprint design before finally building their skyscrapers! Understanding the physics and engineering that goes into constructing skyscrapers and all tall buildings, allows young minds to think outside the box and balance their creativity and practicality.