EUReKA Workshops

What do we do?

The EUReKA! Team will visit your classroom and conduct a 90-minute presentation to your class. Teachers will be able to choose from some of 9 new topics, depending on the age range, which cover many areas of science such as engineering, physics, biology, and chemistry. 

How much is it?

A single workshop within Kamloops is $115.00. Out-of-town workshops are $125.00 to cover travelling expenses.

We supply all the materials needed and leave your class with additional resources for projects that are easy to repeat at home or in the classroom.

When is it?

Eureka will be making these workshops available to you during these time slots 1) before recess 2) between recess and lunch and 3) after lunch and on the following dates: weekdays beginning May 13th until June 20th, 2024.
Attention teachers
: workshop bookings will begin April 22nd more information email us:


EUReKA! 2024 Science Workshops 

Allow Us To Ignite Your Imagination!

Primary: Grades K–2

Mixing Up the Fun!

Do you have budding scientists in the class that are interested in chemical properties? How about things that bubble and glow? In this workshop we will test the limits between the ordinary and the extraordinary with chemical reactions. Discover the amazement through properties of water and what happens when you add something new into the equation. Will there be fire? Maybe…if you think you are ready to bring the heat! Make sure you have your lab coats ready and find out more with our chemical chaos workshop! There may even be something that glows for you to bring home to show your family and friends!

Let's Get Moving!

In this fun and interactive class, we are going to learn about how our bodies are built to keep us moving and shaking. Build tools to watch your own heartbeat in real time, listen to your lungs, and test your muscles as we discover how they respond to movement and exercise. We can’t wait to see you for a fun class full of exploration, science, and fun as we find out what gets us moving!

Super Surface Tension!

Explore the physical phenomenon of surface tension! We will explore the magic of physics with a series of hands-on activities investigating the surface tension of water. Discover how to make a paper rocket zoom across the water's surface, and learn how to make drawings that can float on top of water!

Intermediate: Grades 3–5

Thirst Quencher Quest: Filtering Fun for H2O Happiness

Let us dive into chemistry by learning about solubility through a fun experiment. They mix salt and sand, then add hot/warm water to create a solution. By filtering, they separate the dissolved salt from the sand. After evaporating the water, they recover the salt. Throughout, they make observations and play a solubility game. Other challenges involving water properties like surface tension add to the fun and learning. It's a hands-on way to explore chemistry and water's amazing abilities!


We will learn about enzymes and gain a better understanding of biology and the amazing functions of their bodies. Through hands-on activities, they'll see how catalase protects cells by breaking down harmful substances. Exploring the visual digestive system, kids will discover how food moves through their bodies from chewing to nutrient absorption. They'll understand the roles of saliva, stomach acids, and muscle movements in this process. Lastly, they'll explore blood components like red blood cells and plasma, learning how they keep the body healthy.


Hey there, future scientists! Are you ready to dive into the electrifying world of energy? Get ready to discover the secrets behind what makes your favorite gadgets work, how planets orbit the sun, and why fireworks light up the sky in a dazzling display! Join us in the lab as we experiment with all the mesmerizing forms of energy that power our world. From fiery bursts of thermal explosions to crazy chemical goo, you and your fellow physicists will uncover the light-bending, fire-wielding, and pulley-pulling power of energy! With keen minds and a tad of mad science, let’s unlock the infinite potential of energy!

Senior: Grades 6–7


Have you ever wondered why some reactions feel cold while others give off heat? Or why mixing certain chemicals orchestrates a reaction that can create slime or colors? Let's us uncover this chilling mystery together! Hold onto your lab goggles because in this workshop get ready to embark on a vibrant explosive exploration of various chemical reactions! We’ll take you on a journey through the mystical realm of catalysts, exothermic reactions and more. From the sizzling spectacle of combustion to the mysterious dance of acids and bases, every reaction is an extravaganza waiting to be explored.

Guardians of the Genome

Calling all scientists, get ready to be immune-spired! Jump into Guardians of the Genome to explore the marvels of microbiology. Learn how we create antibodies to fight against germs in a slime-y activity. Then, how effective are YOUR handwashing skills? Put your skills to the test against some germ-y and glow-rious goo! But wait, there's more! Unzip the secrets of DNA and discover the berry fascinating world of genetics! Join us in Guardians of the Genome and unlock the secrets of your body's defense, one slime at a time!

Watt's Up?

Get ready to be shocked and amazed at WATT'S UP! We will be going on a whirlwind adventure through the electrifying world of circuits and electricity. Join us for games that'll test your circuit savvy, hands-on demos that'll make you a circuit wizard, and a spooktacular Halloween Stare activity where your creations come to life! From mastering circuit symbols to crafting your own paper circuits, this electrifying journey will leave you buzzing with excitement. Don't miss out on the fun – join us and let's light up the world together! ⚡