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Meet our 2019 E! Team!


At the beginning of the summer, we interviewed our 2019 team and asked them the following questions.         

  1. Who is your favourite superhero?
  2. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
  3. Where do your loyalties lie: Marvel or DC?

Read what they answered below!

o   Will Primrose (Director)


Will is going into his fifth year of his Bachelor of Science with a major in Chemistry. Did you know? Will once held a wild anaconda in the Amazon Rainforest!

1. Doctor Strange: sorcery is where it's at!

2. Telekinesis

3. Is that even a question? Gotta be Marvel, hands down.


o   Carter Recchi (Assistant Director)



Carter is in the Bachelor of Science program pursuing a major in Chemical Biology; he is in his 4th year at TRU. Did you know? Carter ascended to Pigeon King while on a trip to Japan. Don't believe us? Go to

  1.      Spiderman. No- Doctor Strange! Or Ironman! ANTMAN! Maybe Venom. Or Bruce Banner…
  2.      Shapeshifting
  3.      Marvel, no doubt in my mind.


o   Kathryn Ignace (Indigenous Outreach Coordinator)


Katie is going to be starting her first year of the Nursing Program here at TRU in the Fall of 2019!

1. Captain America

2. Turning time forwards or backwards

3. Marvel


o   Reed McIlwain (Technology Outreach Coordinator)



Reed is a fourth-year Software Engineering student from UVIC; this is his second year at EUReKA! as an instructor!

  1.      Green Hornet
  2.      The power of always feeling rested
  3.      Marvel


o   Cody York



Cody is entering his second year of his respiratory therapy diploma and already has a BSc in health science; did you know that Cody also has the biggest lungs at EUReKA!?

1. Captain America

2. Super Speed

3. Marvel, I can do this all day.


o   DeNara Levin


DeNara is in her second year of her Bachelor of Education. Also, she has a black belt in karate and teaches at Western Karate Academy!

1. My favourite superhero is Spiderman because of his comedic nerdy attitude.

2. Telekinesis or flying

3. I'm going to say Marvel. The movies were amazing and so well put together.


o   Leah de Zeeuw


Leah is in her 4th-year of psychology at UVIC. And, she has an adorable Weiner dog named Klaus Otto Mikkel Fritz!

  1.      My favourite superhero has got to be my Mom... I mean that woman does it all! Do not test me she is a superhero.
  2.      I would want to have the superpower that Adam Sandler had in Click... I can't say the movie is iconic or necessarily good at all, but having that remote? Now that's ICONIC
  3.      I am a Marvel girl all the way! When you have Mark Ruffalo, Paul Rudd, and Chris Pratt all in one package you cannot go wrong!!!


o   Lindsay Veale



Lindsay is going into her 3rd year of science here at TRU with a major in biology and a minor in history. She is an avid basketball player, having started at age 5, and has been coaching since age 14!

1. Iron Man

2. Teleportation– I could go anywhere I want!

3. Marvel, that's not even a question.


o   Madeline Tuai



Madi is in her fifth year of chemistry at TRU and she LOVES cats!

1. Ant Man

2. Shapeshifting

3. Marvel


o   Marie Busch



Marie is a fourth-year biology major known as the "Cake Boss" around EUReKA! because of her passion for baking and decorating cakes! As the E! Team is well aware, the cakes are quite delicious.

1. Captain America

2. Shapeshifting or telekinesis

3. Marvel


o   Naomi Meijerhof



Naomi has completed two years at TRU but will start the Respiratory Therapy program this Fall. Did you know? Naomi was almost born in New Zealand, but her parents decided to come to Canada instead!

1. Thor or Captain America

2. Healing, controlling the elements, or talking to animals

3. Marvel


o   Tak Cox


Tak just completed his first-year of sciences at TRU and is transferring to the University of Alberta in the Fall of 2019.

1. Black Panther; Wakanda Forever!

2. Invisibility

3. Marvel


o   Aaron Veale



Aaron is in his fourth year of his Bachelor of Science with a major in biology;  he can probably name more dinosaurs than most people could name animals!

  1.      Batman
  2.      Communicate with animals
  3.      DC


o   Alexa Preymak



Alexa is a fifth-year chemistry student at TRU and is planning to become a high school teacher!

1. Captain Marvel

2. Flying

3. Marvel, for sure


o   Avery Pottle



Avery is going into her fourth year of science with a major in Biology and plays for the Wolfpack Women's Volleyball team!

1. Cat Woman

2. Teleportation

3. Marvel!


o   Julia Hendley



Julia is a third-year nursing student here at TRU!

1. Spiderman and Deadpool

2. Invisibility

3. Marvel

o   Kate Greffard


Kate is going into her fourth year of science with a biology major. She just returned from a semester abroad in Europe, where she got to visit 9 different countries!

1. Captain America

2. Flying!

3. Marvel




Volunteer for Summer 2019

If you would like to join the team as a volunteer please click here for more information. This link will allow access to the volunteer application document. Once the application is filled out it can be returned to the office either via email at, dropped off in the office directly (room S230A in the Science Building Monday-Friday during the day), or mailed to:

EUReKA! Science Program
c/o TRU Science Office
805 TRU Way
Kamloops, B.C.
V2C 0C8

It is mandatory that all volunteers undergo a criminal record check (the police station does this service free for volunteers) and attend a short interview. No prior experience working with youth is mandatory, however, it is of course preferred. Applicants must be 16 years of age or older. If you have any questions regarding volunteer applications feel free to call the office at 250 371-5534.

* Although we appreciate parent involvement with volunteer applications, we would prefer to correspond with you (the volunteer) about the possibility of volunteering with us.