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 Meet our 2021 E! Team!

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At the beginning of the summer, we interviewed our 2021 team and asked them the following questions.         

  1. Would you rather visit the distant future or the distant past?
  2. Would you rather be able to pause time or speed through time?
  3. What movie about time travel would you want to live in?

Read what they answered below!

o   Keanna Pilkington (Director)

Staff Photo

Keanna is in her fourth year of her Bachelor of Science with a major in Chemistry. Fun fact: Keanna is a twin!

  1. Distant future! I want to be able to see all of the cool new inventions that the future has in store for us.
  2. Pause time. I like to enjoy every moment and being able to live in the fun moments longer seems perfect!
  3. Back to the Future.

o   Carter Recchi (Director)

 Staff Photos

Carter just graduated his Bachelor of Science with a major in Chemical Biology, and is now going into his first year of STEM Education. Did you know? Carter loves gardening, and is growing 12 different vegetables this year!

  1. Distant past! That way I can become a knight, rock a cloack, and wield a lance while on horseback.
  2. Pause time for sure. Sounds like an easy snooze button to me.
  3. Palm Springs - I'd love to meet Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti.

o   Kiera Duffy (Assistant Director)

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Kiera is in her third year of her Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology. Fun fact: Kiera has had her art featured in four galleries!

  1. Distant past, because maybe I would have been able to tell more women to be involved in STEM even back then!
  2. Pause time, some moments are so amazing you want to live in them forever.
  3. 13 going on 30, a classic with a perfect ending, OR anyone where I could see dinosaurs because come on, that would be so cool!

o   Kieren O'Neil (Technology Outreach Coordinator)

Staff Photos

Kieren is a third-year Engineering student. Did you know? Kieren has had an experiment explode live on tv, and he can name every country in Europe!

  1. Future.
  2. Pause.
  3. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Save the Whales.

o   Kate Greffard

Staff Photos

Kate just graduated her Bachelor of Science with a Biology major. This summer is Kate's third year as an instructor with EUReKA!. Fun fact: Kate once got to take a university class about training high-level competition horses and racehorses.

  1. Visit the distant future.
  2. Be able to pause time.
  3. Marvel's Avengers: Endgame.

o   Aaron Veale

Staff Photos

Aaron just finished his Bachelor of Science in General Biology with Honours. He is hoping to start his Master's degree at the University of Lethbridge this September. This is Aaron's second summer as an instructor with EUReKA!. Did you know? Aaron has been lucky enough to travel to 9 diffferent countries across 3 continents!

  1. Distant past - I could start a real-life Jurassic park! It seemed to work well in the movies.
  2. Pause time - it would make nature photography so much easier!
  3. The Time Machine (2002) - Aside from the man-eating monsters, it would be cool to see how humans evolve in the future.

o   Lindsay Veale

Staff Photos

Lindsay is in her fourth year of her Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology and a minor in History. This summer is Lindsay's second year as an instructor with EUReKA!. Fun fact: Lindsay can't whistle!

  1. Distant past.
  2. Pause time - I could finally catch up on assigned readings!
  3. Avengers Endgame - it's a perfect combination of superheroes and time travel.

o   Madeline McIntyre-Ponsioen

Staff Photos

Madeline is in her second year of her Bachelor of Science with a major in Math. Did you know? Madeline can't snap her fingers!

  1. Definitely the future.
  2. Pause time.
  3. Land of the Lost.

o   Hannah O'Neil

Staff Photos

Hannah is in her second year of Geography and Environmental studies. Fun fact: Hannah has been a curler for 13 years!

  1. Distant future.
  2. Pause time.
  3. Back to the Future 2.

o   Naomi Meijerhof

Staff Photos

Naomi is in her third year of her Respiratory Therapy Diploma and Health Sciences Degree. This summer is Naomi's second year as an instructor with EUReKA!. Did you know? Naomi has 12 houseplants in her room!

  1. Probably a distant future, I don't want to deal with medieval anything.
  2. Probably pause time, I don't see the point in speeding through time. I would be a super hero!
  3. Interstellar

o   Nathan Rancier

Staff Photos

Nathan is in his fourth year of his Bachelor of Science with a major in Chemistry. Fun fact: Nathan is a game programmer in his pass time!

  1. I would rather visit the distant past!
  2. I would rather be able to pause time!
  3. Its TECHNICALLY not time travel, but I would live in the movie Groundhogs Day and repeat the same day over again!

o   Valentina Santamaria

Staff Photos

Valentina is in her fourth year of Ecology and Environmental Biology. Did you know? Valentina likes collecting cute things.

  1. Distant past (who wouldn't want to see cool dinosaurs or know how the world started???).
  2. Pause time.
  3. Back to the Future.


Volunteer for Summer 2021

If you would like to join the team as a volunteer please click here for more information. This link will allow access to the volunteer application document. Once the application is filled out it can be returned to the office either via email at, dropped off in the office directly (room S230A in the Science Building Monday-Friday during the day), or mailed to:

EUReKA! Science Program
c/o TRU Science Office
805 TRU Way
Kamloops, B.C.
V2C 0C8

It is mandatory that all volunteers undergo a criminal record check (the police station does this service free for volunteers) and attend a short interview. No prior experience working with youth is mandatory, however, it is of course preferred. Applicants must be 16 years of age or older. If you have any questions regarding volunteer applications feel free to call the office at 250 371-5534.

* Although we appreciate parent involvement with volunteer applications, we would prefer to correspond with you (the volunteer) about the possibility of volunteering with us.