Eureka-tech Workshops

What is Eureka-tech?

In today's world technology is everywhere. Digital Literacy skills are beginning to become more and more apparent in our daily lives! 

Meet our Eureka-tech Workshop Coordinator!

  • Mahshad


Meet Mahshad! She'll be your Eureka-tech workshop instructor!

Mahshad studied Electronics Engineering for her Bachelor's degree at Shariaty Technical University in Iran. She is currently a second-year post-baccalaureate of Business Administration student here at TRU and is doing her Co-op course as a Cancode instructor. Mahshad is planning to finish her studies by the end of 2024.

Eureka-tech Workshops:

The workshops are divided by various grade levels wherein the content delivered is designed based on the ADST curriculum. There is a two part workshop in which the first class revolves around introducing the core competencies and fundamentals of computers and coding. In this session, kids learn how to think like a programmer in order to solve a problem. The second session has them implement those fundamental concepts in order to develop a hands-on computer-based project.

The workshop projects that are currently being delivered are:

  1. Video Game development using Scratch 
  2. Real-world project with Microbit 
  3. Learning how to code with Ozobots