CanCode Workshops

What is CanCode?

In today's world technology is everywhere. Digital Literacy skills are beginning to become more and more apparent in our daily lives! 

The CanCode Project is an initiative funded by the Canadian Government that aims to give Canadian youths the opportunity to learn Digital Literacy by providing free workshops around Kamloops to get them engaged in technology in a fun and educational setting, all the while teaching with real-world examples

Meet our CanCode Team!

  • Mahshad


  • Shams


Meet Shams and Mahshad! They'll be your CanCode instructors throughout each workshop!

Shams is a third-year Bachelor of Computer Science student here at TRU! He also serves as the President of the TRUSU Computer Science club and also the Chess Club. Shams is active in the undergraduate research scene and is working on publishing different papers on the theme of machine learning, AI, stroke prediction and medical systems.

Mahshad studied Electronics Engineering for her Bachelor's degree at Shariaty Technical University in Iran. She is currently a second-year post-baccalaureate of Business Administration student here at TRU and is doing her Co-op course as a Cancode instructor. Mahshad is planning to finish her studies by the end of 2024.

CanCode Workshops:

The workshops are divided by various grade levels wherein the content delivered is designed based on the ADST curriculum. There is a two part workshop in which the first class revolves around introducing the core competencies and fundamentals of computers and coding. In this session, kids learn how to think like a programmer in order to solve a problem. The second session has them implement those fundamental concepts in order to develop a hands-on computer-based project.

The workshop projects that are currently being delivered are:

  1. Video Game development using Scratch 
  2. Real-world project with Microbit 
  3. Learning how to code with Ozobots