TRU Privacy and Security Conference

Thank-you to all that attended!
Planning for the 2025 conference is already underway (more details to come)
We hope you will join us!
(sincerely, the 2024 organizing committee)

Masters of Ceremonies

John Cuzzola
Director, Information Security

Rita Leone
Manager, IT Client Services

Opening Welcome

Brett Fairbairn
President and Vice-Chancellor, TRU




Join us at the eighth annual TRU Privacy and Security Conference, a pivotal gathering for forward-thinking Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), IT Directors/Managers, Compliance Auditors, Security/Network Specialists, Legal Counsel and Privacy Protection Officers, and Ethical Hackers. This year, we're expanding to a two-day event, offering a unique blend of learning, engagement, and networking opportunities. Delve into difficult topics like: using unbreakable encryption for personal data protection at odds with law enforcement right to search, your privacy versus surveillance, fraud and identity theft prevention, ethical hacking, and much more. Whether you're safeguarding corporate data or navigating complex privacy challenges, this conference is a must-attend event to stay at the forefront of evolving security and privacy landscapes. Come to collaborate, learn from industry leaders, and influence the future of privacy and security in our increasingly digital world.

Conference theme

This year's theme explores the delicate balance between providing security and privacy in a non-adversarial way — realizing they must live in harmony. This scope includes (but is not limited to):

  • Data collection and governance
  • Identity theft and preventative technologies
  • Fraud detection and prevention technologies
  • Data classification and exfiltration prevention and detection technologies
  • Identity access management and technologies
  • Unbreakable encryption vs. law enforcement right to search
  • Tracking and surveillance (video surveillance, logging, deep packet inspection, TLS decryption and proxy)
  • Authentication methods and their responsible use (MFA, biometrics, RFID, retinal, fingerprint, behavioral analysis)
  • Privacy impact assessments and protecting personal identifiable information
  • Ethical hacking
  • Controversial tech (TOR Network, TikTok, etc.)

Join over 300 of your colleagues at the eighth annual TRU Privacy and Security Conference for a look-ahead at the roles of privacy, security, risk and audit.