Department of English Language Learning and Teaching Faculty

ESL faculty and staff
Name Position Contact
Bouthillier, Brian Assistant Teaching Professor 250-371-5899 
Brown, Jason Associate Teaching Professor 250-377-6040 
Church, Alexandra Associate Teaching Professor, Co-Chair 250-371-5683 or
Densky, Karen Adjunct Associate Teaching Professor 
Dobson, Joe Associate Teaching Professor 250-371-5642
Freimuth, Hilda Associate Teaching Professor, TESOL Coordinator 250-371-5682
Henderson, Dian Teaching Professor 250-371-5571
Hu, Jim Associate Professor 250-828-5190
Krauza, Wendy Associate Teaching Professor 250-371-5687 
Pappas, Evangelista Assistant Teaching Professor 250-377-6183
Steiger, Jane Associate Teaching Professor, Co-Chair, ELLT Coordinator 250-371-5662 or or
University Instructors
Name Position Contact
Fedorak, Teressa University Instructor 250-371-5639
Massalski, Jack University Instructor 250-377-6244
Turner, John University Instructor 250-371-5831