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Culinary Arts and

Adventure, Culinary Arts, Tourism

Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism

Welcome to the Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism (A.C.T.)
Creating amazing experiences in tourism and leisure

Adventure Studies

Adventure Studies

We offer the finest and most extensive adventure studies training in the world. We create exceptional educational experiences to foster students' physical, mental and emotional development so as to be of service to the global commercial adventure industry.

Culinary arts

Culinary Arts and Retail Meat

Our Faculty are dedicated to preparing students with exemplary culinary skills and to inspire a lifelong passion for excellence in the culinary industry that embraces environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Tourism Management

Tourism Management

Tourism Management Faculty strive to deliver education experiences that blend theory with practice to ensure our graduates are confident in both applying the knowledge they gain, and challenging the theories that guide tourism management practice, both essential for leaders of tomorrow.