Structure and Schedule 2022

A Model United Nations conference offers students the opportunity to learn more about real world international issues, and find growth by improving their public speaking, writing, and research skills. This hands-on experiential learning opportunity also facilitates working under pressure, critical thinking, and working against tight deadlines.

Throughout the conference, participants will engage in committee sessions where they represent their assigned country as if they were a real diplomat from that country. They will work with their allies to create blocks to write resolutions in order to come up with solutions to the topics they are given. Participants ultimately gain a greater appreciation for differing viewpoints, work through the challenges of negotiation, and expand their world view.

Committee sessions

During the Committee Sessions, using parliamentary procedure, participants vote on what topics they wish to discuss. Having come prepared with a country background and topic research, delegates create their own path to peace. Between voting to have moderated and unmoderated causes, participants either work together, or undermine each other on their way to finding potential common goals.

Opening ceremonies

During the opening ceremonies, delegates will be welcomed to the First General Assembly Committee. Delegates will be introduced to the Dias and there will be a short question and answer period for what can be expected as the day unfolds.

Closing ceremonies

During the closing ceremonies, awards will be given to the chosen delegates. This first award is best delegate, given to the participant who best represents their country and who best exemplifies the spirit of Model UN. There will be two honorable mentions as well for the two other outstanding delegates. The best written position paper will also be given an award. This will be for the most clear, concise, and well researched paper.