Model UN

TRU Model United Nations Conference

The Department of Political Science at Thompson Rivers University on Secwepemc Territory offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students. Join us at our student-organized conference as we simulate a United Nations session to explore important issues and attempt to solve some of today’s most important problems!

A Model United Nations conference offers students the opportunity to learn more about real world international issues, and find growth by improving their public speaking, writing, and research skills. This hands-on experiential learning opportunity also facilitates working under pressure, critical thinking, and working against tight deadlines.

Throughout the conference, participants will engage in committee sessions where they represent their assigned country as if they were a real diplomat from that country. They will work with their allies to create blocks to write resolutions in order to come up with solutions to the topics they are given. Participants ultimately gain a greater appreciation for differing viewpoints, work through the challenges of negotiation, and expand their world view. Please see our Structure and Schedule 2022 tab for more information on the format of the conference!

Topics and Committee

General Assembly First Committee

  • Topic 1: Ensuring Equitable and Inclusive Access to Education
  • Topic 2: Convention on Biological Diversity and its Contribution to Sustainable Development
  • Topic 3: Continued Implementation of the Third United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty

Delegates need to prepare background research on their country and the assigned topics. This background research should include things such as their country’s position on international relations and trade, who their allies are, and their positions on the assigned topics. Research for these topics should include what has happened previously to address them, what countries are most invested in these topics, and what UN resolutions have been passed to address the topics previously. It is recommended that delegates come prepared with at least one researched solution per topic, but the more the better. It is also a good idea to have a draft resolution started so that delegates can practice how to write a resolution. Templates can be found online if need be.

Position paper

A position paper acts as the summary of the background research that the delegate has done. It is submitted to the conference organizers so that they can see and acknowledge the work that has been done by the delegates. The best position paper of the conference is given an award and acknowledged during the closing ceremonies. Templates for position papers can be found online, and help with position papers can be requested from conference organizers.