MUN Executive Committee

A lot of hard work goes into planning the TRU Model UN Conference. This year's conference is brought together by a team of hardworking undergraduate students with the advice of our faculty advisor, Rob Hanlon.

Thank you so much to those who applied for positions on the MUN 2022/23 Committee! Meet this year's team!

  • Tyler Hall-Ford - President
  • Yash Kaushik- Vice President
  • Kristen Jacobsen - Logistics & Event Coordinator
  • Vanshika Sharma - Secretary
  • Vanshika Gupta - Treasurer
  • Shariyer Iqbal Chowdhury - Promotions & Outreach Coordinator
  • Mercy Wanjiku - Promotions and Outreach Coordinator
  • Thiththalapitige Fonseka - Promotions and Outreach Coordinator
  • Sagar Gupta - Promotions and Outreach Coordinator

Job Descriptions

Why Apply?

  • Being on the committee (regardless of position) means that you will be an integral part in making decisions that help this conference continue to happen!
  • It is an opportunity to connect with other students and faculty members in the program, and in some cases even with students from schools across Canada!
  • Being part of organizing a conference like this is a great addition to a resume or CV, as it shows passion and commitment to the material and/or the skills required
  • Planning this conference will help you advance many existing skills, such as decision making (sometimes under pressure), organization and staying on top of your tasks, communicating professionally, finding creative solutions to problems, and more!