Welcome to the TRU alumni community. As a new graduate, you are joining a diverse family that spans generations and continents. You are joining a 50-year legacy that began humbly with Cariboo College in Kamloops, B.C., and has grown into a global network of friends, mentors and colleagues that are cheering you on–today and always.

Community matters, and you are part of ours. This is only the beginning. As you embark on your next chapter, whatever that may be, we want to tell the story of your success so fellow alumni can stay connected with you and current TRU students can be inspired by your example.

Being part of this community has benefits. Our 60,000 TRU alumni span 115 countries. We gather when we can, and encourage you to make connections that will serve you well for years to come. Your fellow alumni can offer advice, friendship and networking. They have made the transition out of university, changed careers, embarked on new studies or even started a business during this challenging time. Learn from them.

You can stay connected to your peers through the TRU Alumni office, which coordinates events, services and benefits that you are entitled to for life. Learn all about our activities at and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know.

You will always be part of this community. We are thrilled to welcome you.

Dustin McIntyre
Manager, TRU Alumni |


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As a new graduate, you might not have much money to give. The amount, however, is not what matters most. Overall, the most important thing is that once combined, every single dollar makes a difference. As one of your classmates said when speaking to a group of donors last fall, “Your gift can be anything, but it means everything.” That’s true. If a donation is not an option right now, consider beginning with a gift of time. Volunteers are important and highly valued by the Foundation.

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