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2023 Catering Menu

2023 Catering Menu - Valid until December 2023

** Pricing is subject to change** - Please inquire for 2024 catering menu pricing. 

The Conference Centre will be the sole provider of all food and beverage, with the exception of specialty wedding cakes and cupcakes that have been prepared by a baker with Food Safe Certification. 

TRU Conference Centre is happy to accommodate requests for all allergies and will make special meals when requests are made a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to the wedding. Extra fees may apply.

For your budgeting purposes, we recommend the following when doing your calculations:

  • Cocktail receptions should allow for a minimum of 3-5 pieces of appetizers per person for each hour of the reception. Appetizers are to be ordered in a minimum of 3 dozen per selection.
  • One bottle of champagne serves 6 champagne flutes.
  • One bottle of wine serves 5 glasses. We recommend 2 bottles for tables of 8 guests.
  • Build Your Dinner Buffet
    • Entrée selections: choose a minimum of one for your buffet.
    • Salads: choose two for your buffet. 
    • Vegetables: choose one for your buffet. 
    • Starches: choose one for your buffet.
    • Pasta or Vegan selections: choose one for your buffet.
    • Desserts, coffee & tea: chef selection of cakes, bars, cookies & sliced fruit is served with coffee & tea after dinner as part of your buffet. 
  • Late night snack: we recommend ordering for no more than 50% of your total guest count. Snacks should be served approx. 3-4 hours after dinner, no later than 10:45 p.m.


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