Procession Regalia


Convocation ceremonies begin with an Academic Procession of official representatives, faculty and students dressed in academic regalia. This colourful event represents the rich cultural and historical traditions of universities.

Academic regalia

Distinctive academic costume has been worn in universities since their inception some one thousand years ago. Until relatively recently, such costume was worn as a part of the everyday life of university. Indeed, historically, university faculty and students received firm instructions to wear gowns to tutorials, examinations and formal dinners.

The gown, hood, and mortarboard are the basic items of academic costume, and originally had practical functions. The hood, for example, was specifically created to be pulled over the head to provide protection from inclement weather. However, the costume now has a symbolic function, and indicates through its colours, trim and lining, the degree and the university giving the award. Blue and sage, Thompson Rivers University’s official colours, are featured on many of the academic costumes.

Degree regalia

Bachelor of Arts
California burgundy
Bachelor of Business Administration
Cardinal red
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Computing Science
Harvard crimson
Bachelor of Design
Dark wine
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Regal gold
Bachelor of General Studies
Bachelor of Health Science
Bachelor of Health Science (Psychiatric Nursing)
Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
California burgundy and navy blue
Bachelor of Journalism
Bone Ivory
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Natural Resource Science
Emerald green
Bachelor of Public Administration
Harvest gold
Bachelor of Science
Harvest gold
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Royal blue
Bachelor of Social Work
Bishop’s purple
Bachelor of Technology
Dark grey
Bachelor of Tourism Management
Maritime blue
Bachelor of Technology in Trades and Technology Leadership
Dark grey
Juris Doctor of Laws Degree
Royal purple
Master of Business Administration
Beige velvet border and navy trim
Master of Education
Baby blue velvet border and navy trim
Master of Music
Master of Science in Environmental Science
Spanish yellow velvet and navy trim

Certificate and diploma regalia

The V-stole worn by the certificate and diploma graduands reflects the Thompson Rivers University official colours. It is made of pilgrim material in blue and sage.

Cords and stoles

In addition to the degree, certificate and diploma regalia, TRU recognizes the following recipients by the wearing of cords or stoles:

Gold stole with black lettering
Lieutenant Governor’s Medal Winner
Blue stole with navy lettering
Governor-General Medal Winners
White stole with navy lettering
TRU Medal Winners
Red stole with navy lettering
Post-Baccalaureate Graduates
White cord
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