Membership Roster

Student Success Committee

Representative Name Term Ending
Chair: A Committee member elected by the Committee Co-Chairs: Airini, Aria Appleton October 2020
Associate Vice-President, Strategic Enrolment and University Registrar (or designate) Michael Bluhm October 2021
Associate Vice-President, Open Learning (or designate) Don Poirier October 2021
Dean of Students Sara Wolfe (Acting) October 2021
Executive Director, Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CELT) Catharine Dishke-Hondzel October 2021
Director, Integrated Planning and Effectiveness (or designate) Matthew Kennedy (designate) October 2021
Executive Director, Aboriginal Education (or designate) Tina Matthew (designate) October 2021
Associate Vice-President TRU World (or designate) Jitender Sharma (designate) October 2021
One Dean Airini October 2021
University Librarian (or designate) Kathy Gaynor October 2021
Two CELT representatives, appointed by the Executive Director 1. Carolyn Ives
2. Nina Johnson
October 2021
One representative appointed by the Alumni Association Dino Bernardo October 2021
Up to four (4) Faculty and/or Open Learning faculty 1. Julia Wells
2. Judy Duchscher
3. Dipesh Prema
October 2021
Up to seven (7) students nominated by TRUSU and appointed by Senate 1. Aria Appleton
2. Anna Angelova
3. Rooprishm Kaur
4. Essam Abdul Sattar Abdul Hassan
5. Vaibhavi Soni
6. Juliana Hazarika
7. Parth Bavishi
October 2021
Accreditation Liaision Officer (Non-Voting) Alana Hoare October 2021
Secretarial Support:
Office of Dean of Students
Allysa Gredling Ongoing
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