Membership Roster

Steering Committee of Senate

Chair:  Michael Henry

CompositionMembersTerm Ends
Faculty Members (6) to include at least (1) Member of Senate and (1) Open Learning Faculty Brenna Clarke Gray, OL Design and Innovations  February 2024
  Chris Montoya, Arts (Senator) February 2024
  Jon Heshka, Adventure, Culinary Arts & Tourism October 2021
  Cindy James, Student Development March 2024
  James Sudhoff, Science January 2024
  Salman Kimiagari, School of Business & Economics  December 2023
Dean (1) Michael Henry (CHAIR), School of Business & Economics April 2022
Staff Member (1) Sandy Scarff, Human Resources September 2021
Students (2) to include (1) undergraduate and (1) graduate

Ali Mulji

Vacant (Graduate)

September 2021


Ex-officio (non-voting) John Sparks, General Counsel Ongoing
  Michael Bluhm, Associate Vice-President Strategic Enrolment and University Registrar Ongoing
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