Academic Integrity Committee

Academic Integrity Reporting Procedure

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) students are required to comply with the standards of academic integrity set out in the Student Academic Integrity Policy (ED 5-0).

It is the responsibility of TRU employees to take reasonable steps to prevent and to detect acts of academic dishonesty. It is an instructor's responsibility to confront a student when such an act is suspected and to take appropriate action if academic dishonesty, in the opinion of the instructor, has occurred.

The following describes the procedure to be followed when academic dishonesty is suspected:

The Campus Case Report Form and (Open Learning (OL) Case Report Form) outline the various steps that should be taken when a case of academic dishonesty is suspected. The process is designed to ensure that:

  • students learn that integrity is both expected and respected; and
  • student rights are considered when academic integrity issues arise.

All students who engage in any form of academic dishonesty should be identified to the Academic Integrity Committee. This allows the Committee to maintain records ensuring:

  • appropriate sanctions may be assigned by the Committee; and
  • the development of appropriate education programs for students and faculty are reflective of the frequency and type of cases.

All cases must be documented using the appropriate Case Report Form and supported with evidence and forwarded to for processing.

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