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TRU proudly celebrated the installation of Dr. Brett Fairbairn as TRU’s fourth president and vice-chancellor on June 5, 2019, at the first of six spring convocation ceremonies.

While I have been president since December, it is today, in front of convocation, that I formally and publicly declare my service to TRU. That makes this a special day, for the university and for me.



  • Dr. Brett Fairbairn divested himself of the scarlet and dark blue regalia of the University of Oxford (DPhil) for the blue and sage regalia of TRU.
  • Following the installation, President Fairbairn provided remarks, touching on the legacy of the institution and his approach to his role.
Installation Address


  • The installation is a public acknowledgment of a new president’s appointment to office.
  • Installations are rich in tradition and include an oath of office—the new president’s public declaration that they will carry out and honour the duties and responsibilities of the Office of the President.
  • Academic regalia, consisting of various coloured gowns, hoods, stoles and caps are customary in convocations and installations. During the installation, a new president exchanges their alma mater's regalia for the robe of the Office of the President.
  • It is tradition to invite presidents from other universities to attend the installation. Greetings, typically in certificate form, are provided in person during the ceremony or other special event, or sent by mail and form the record of this historical occasion.


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