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Hon. Hope Hyslop

Law students tap into wealth of experience with judge in residence

   Tuesday, May 14 2019

Retired BC Supreme Court Judge Hon. Hope Hyslop has taken on the role as TRU's second judge in residence to mentor law students.

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David Barroqueiro in the law reading room

Student finds logic in intersection of law and tech

   Tuesday, April 9 2019

Third-year law student David Barroqueiro wins new award for his work developing legal apps he hopes will improve access to justice for all.

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Judge Stella Frame

Woman to woman: judges provide counsel to law students

   Tuesday, March 26 2019

Four women judges shared their experiences and knowledge with up and coming young women studying law at TRU.

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TRU Law team heading to national moot

   Thursday, February 28 2019

A team of two TRU Law students is going to Ottawa to compete in a national moot competition, a first for the university.

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Kyla Lee talks at student law conference

Law students host influential speakers at annual conference

   Saturday, February 23 2019

TRU’s Society of Law Students hosted students, lawyers and the community at large to explore the future of legal practice in Canada.

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Fashioning a legal career in The Big Apple

   Monday, February 11 2019

TRU Law alumna Laura Tsang has moved to New York City, where she's soaking up everything it has to offer while developing her career.

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TRU researchers awarded prestigious federal grants

   Wednesday, January 30 2019

Four TRU researchers received SSHRC Insight Development Grants, which was announced today by the Government of Canada.

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Dr. Cindy Blackstock

Visiting Law speaker builds intercultural understanding

   Wednesday, January 30 2019

TRU Law hosts Dr. Cindy Blackstock presenting The Spirit Bear Plan: Ending Inequalities for First Nation Children, on January 30 and 31.

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New book explores relationship between legislation and court interpretations

   Wednesday, December 19 2018

TRU Law associate professors Chris Hunt and Micah Rankin have published a collection of essays examining statutory legislation and courts.

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TRU Law students succeed at annual moot competition

   Tuesday, November 27 2018

Students in the TRU Faculty of Law did well competing with their colleagues from UBC and University of Victoria at the annual moot.

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