TRU Privacy and Security Conference

Masters of Ceremonies

John Cuzzola
Director, Information Security

Rita Hodge
Manager, IT Client Services

Opening Welcome

Brett Fairbairn
President and Vice-Chancellor, TRU

Agenda Posted

Conference registration

Join over 200 of your colleagues at the seventh annual TRU Privacy and Security Conference to look ahead at the roles of privacy, security, risk and audit.

After a two-year hiatus, Thompson Rivers University is thrilled to announce our annual "Privacy and Security Conference" is back. This year's theme will explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence in information security and your privacy. Organizers have begun planning. The event will be held January 26th, 2023 at the Campus Activity Centre. Mark your calendars! and visit this site often for upcoming details including registration, vendor sponsorship information, and request for presentation proposals.

Conference Theme

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine and deep learning models (ML/DL), are transforming the world. Most are unaware of the impact this technology is having on us NOW. In the years to come, AI will become more visible; no longer relegated to out-of-sight/out-of-mind niche tasks but rather unmistakably part of your life. Privacy and Information Security is not immune to this transformation. AI has found a purpose with tasks as threat intelligence gathering, malware detection, intruder prevention and zero-day intervention. Privacy has embraced AI with technologies such as data loss prevention, and exfiltration detection but also behavior, preference and performance prediction (do you know if your resume was rejected by Jon or Hal?). The design of such systems, through the digestion of huge amounts of collected personal data, has unintentionally introduced biases affecting the choices these AIs make. Compound these learned biases with the current inability to interrogate AIs for HOW they came about their decisions should be a little unnerving. Consequently, we pose the question: is the expanding use of AI in privacy/information security a "TRUE" or "FALSE" sense of security?


The scope of the conference includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • The current and future use of AI/ML/DL in Information Security with implications both positive and negative.
  • An exploration of the possible invasion of privacy threat.
  • Biases and unwanted learned behaviour (stereotypes, profiling, typecasting).
  • The ethical ramifications of AI. Can AI mimic concepts of fairness, equity, and justice?
  • The state-of-the-art in security with AI (anomaly detection, zero-day detection, autonomous ransomware and DOS countermeasures, automatic network intrusion and isolation, etc.).