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Student Success Stories

Share your story

Have a story to share? We love hearing about how our students have met their goals through flexible education options, and we hope you’ll consider sharing your journey with us.

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Greg Ryan  
The fact that Open Learning recognizes that I have business skills, budgeting skills, and gives me credit for what I've learned; I'm so proud to be an Open Learning student.

Bachelor of Technology, Trades and Technology Leadership
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Dave Sahadeo  
University isn't for everyone. For others, university just isn't for them immediately after high school.

Respiratory Therapy Dual Credit
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Lee Davidson  
No matter what the circumstances are, if you really want to do something there is always a way to make it happen.

Bachelor of Arts
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Meaghan Buisson  
I can honestly say the feeling of finishing my degree is every bit as special to me as anything I have accomplished on skates.

Bachelor of Science
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Shima Iuchi  
It was not easy, but I believed in myself and I was very enthusiastic about what I was doing.

Bachelor of Fine Arts
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Jacob Cowan  
The flexible schedule and synchronous delivery provided by OL were essential to my academic success.

Bachelor of Education, Master of Education, Bachelor of Arts
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Kristy Alphonse Palmatier  
I believe this new academic achievement has provided me with more tools to strengthen, and to merge with, my traditional (Shuswap) teachings.

Bachelor of General Arts
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Samara Sonmor  
I switched my degree to General Studies and was able to concentrate on environmental studies, social issues and sustainable community development.

Bachelor of General Arts
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April Vokey  
I definitely have strategies I learned in the (business) class and applied them into real life and into my business.

Certificate in Business Skills
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Eric Clausen  
Having a relevant degree has increased my confidence in interpersonal dealings and given me the knowledge base to support my ideas.

Bachelor of Technology, Trades and Technology Leadership
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Bruce Goddard  
Having a degree takes my career up a level, and means I’m able to explore other options – maybe teaching, or working in a parallel field.

Bachelor of Health Science
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Nicole Wirschler  
To have completed this was a phenomenal experience, not only for myself but for my family, and I think it's probably one of the greatest personal achievements I've had to date.

Bachelor of General Arts
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Sarah Blaynew Lew  
What drew me into TRU was the availability of options for remote learning that couldn’t be found elsewhere for a distance student.

Executive Assistant Diploma
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