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Thompson Rivers University


For  TRU on-campus courses and programs, see TRU Admissions on the TRU website. This page pertains to Open Learning only.

Open Admission

Everyone is eligible for general admission and course registration and can apply for course registration and admission into credential (degree, diploma and certificate) programs. You do not need a specific grade point average (GPA) or secondary school transcript.


As a course registrant or program applicant, determine if you have English language proficiency at a level suitable to the course or program in which you are interested. Post-secondary–level courses require proficiency equivalent to at least Grade 12 English.


  • Decide if you meet prerequisites stated in the course description. By registering, you affirm that either you meet the prerequisites or else acknowledge personal responsibility for your own educational performance.
  • You can take one or more courses with OL without enrolment in a program. As such, you are a non-credential track student in an undeclared program at OL. If you change your mind after taking one or more courses, you must apply for program admission.


  • Decide if you meet any program admission requirements stated in the program description.
  • If you plan to complete a credential through OL, please fill in and submit the Program Admission Form. Also, you can apply for program admission through the Register Now system or EducationPlannerBC.
  • Familiarize yourself with OL program choices as well as the OL-specific regulations, fees, tuition and procedures, which differ from those of TRU campus-delivered programs.


Contact Student Services if you have questions about open admission, requirements, program admission and course registration.