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Register with the Writing Centre

First time visitors to the Writing Centre must register with WCOnline.



Book an Appointment

Students can book two 30-minute appointments per day (maximum three per week). Same day appointments may or may not be available. We encourage students to make an appointment at least two days before their assignment is due.

Book an Appointment

TRU is a scent-reduced environment. Due to extreme sensitivities experienced by some staff and students, we ask that you reduce the scented personal-care products you wear to the Writing Centre.

Preparing for an appointment

  • Please bring the assignment from your professor, some questions and ideas, and your draft (if you have one).
  • During your tutoring session, the tutor will indicate any gaps or problems in your writing, teach you how to improve your writing through mini-lessons, model the writing process, and provide tips to strengthen your writing skills.
  • The goal of a session is to help students become better, more confident writers. Tutors are trained to teach, not edit.
  • We do not help with take-home exams unless we have consent from the instructor.
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