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Don't Cancel That Class

Faculty - Don't Cancel that Class

Sometimes cancelling class is unavoidable. To maintain the energy and motivation of your students, the TRU Career Education Department (CED) is able to deliver a career seminar so you don’t have to cancel your class. Faculty can choose from a variety of career topics or we can tailor a career seminar based on your students needs. Most seminars are between 50 min and 80 min in length. The seminars are delivered with a balance of practice, lecture, group discussion, technology and self-reflection.

Following the seminar, faculty from the Career Education Department will survey the students to determine the relevancy of the topic, student learning and satisfaction. You will be provided a copy of the seminar, the student evaluations and any required attendance record. Please ensure your students understand this is a regularly scheduled class and their attendance is required.

Who is delivering the seminars?

Faculty from the TRU Career Education Department.

Where will the seminars be held?

A faculty member from the TRU Career Education Department will come to your scheduled room and class time.


Due to availability, two weeks notice is recommended. (Note: due to instructor availability, it may not be possible to fulfill all requests)

What are the career seminar topics?

We can design a career seminar based on your student’s needs, or you can choose from the following list of topics:

50-minute seminar topics include:

  • How employers are using social media for hiring decisions; manage your digital career self
  • Overview of career development theory
  • Overview of experiential learning (i.e. Co-op, internships, study abroad, service learning) and the connection to career planning

 80-minute seminar topics include:

  • Design and implementation of a personalized career plan-transition to grad school, professional school or labour force
  • I majored in what? The labour market for your program of study
  • Career e-portfolios
  • Telling your story to potential employers-résumé and cover letter basics
  • Interview skills and practice
How do I schedule a seminar?

Book a seminar online or Contact Larry Iles, faculty member-TRU Career Education Department
(Local 5692).