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Computing Science Co-op Students

Co-op is an academic program that blends on-campus learning with practical applied learning. Co-op students have the opportunity to alternate their study terms with paid, professional work terms in industry.

Students are available year round, for 4, 8 or 12 consecutive months of work experience. Their resumes can be sent to you, with no obligation, for review and matching with your needs. Interviews will be scheduled at your convenience. Co-op is the fastest way for you to connect with, then groom, your future employees.

While on a work term, Co-op students also participate in an online co-op course which requires them to reflect on their professional experiences and consider the skills they are building in business. Co-op students are highly motivated to contribute and learn. Their communication skills and desire to build positive working relationships can have a beneficial impact on your organization. Our students work on projects, support ongoing operations, and help you meet the challenges of today's global market.

 Computing Science Diploma

The Computing Science Diploma is a highly successful two year co-op diploma. Co-op students and graduates find immediate employment as programmers, systems analysts, database administrators and network administrators.

The Computing Science Diploma is accredited by the Canadian Information Processing Society.

This program values the following approach & skills:

  • Computer solutions to business problems
  • Technical skills combined with business acumen
  • An ability to think and the drive to learn
  • People-to-people communications

Skill Sets: Computing Science Diploma

 Bachelor of Computing Science

Thompson Rivers University leads Western Canada with its creative training solutions for the IT industry. Building on its positive reputation for the Computing Science Diploma (a two year co-op program for information systems professionals), TRU has added the third and fourth year of university to create the Bachelor of Computing Science Co-op Degree.

The Bachelor of Computing Science is interior British Columbia's first co-op baccalaureate program in the applied computing field. The degree prepares professionals with the skills, knowledge and ability to do the following:

  • Be specialists as software engineers, network administrators, database systems developers and other modern IT professionals
  • Quickly adapt to changing market requirements
  • Keep abreast of new tools and methods
  • Design, implement, maintain and upgrade information technology systems

Skill Sets: Bachelor of Computing Science

 Bachelor of Science: Major in Computing Science

This four year program trains students in the traditional manner of computing science degrees. As students begin the first two years of this program with a broad array of science and math courses, they have a solid foundation in scientific theory and mathematics. The latter two years entail concentrated studies in both theory and practical applications within the computing science field.

Computing Science students are able to assume co-op positions similar to that of BTACS (software engineers, network administrators, and database systems development managers) students or they have the option to pursue graduate studies.

Skill Sets: Bachelor of Science, Major in Computing Science


Our Co-op Education Partners:

We have had great success with our co-op program and many local and regional employers are partners in the education of our co-op students. We work with companies and organizations such as: Tolko Industries Ltd, Telus, TRIUMF, SAP, BCLC, Husky Energy, Hootsuite Media and many more, all while more partnerships are being developed.

The employer partners see the benefits of hiring co-op students because it provides them with the chance to bridge-in talent before students graduate, to brand themselves as an employer of choice, to get short-term support for special projects, and to build additional relationships with the university.

Student Availability:

Typically students are available for 4, 8 and 12 month work terms beginning in May, September and January each year. The current average wage range for Computing Science Co-op jobs is $15 - $30 per hour.

If you have any questions regarding the Bachelor of Computing Sceince Co-op program, please contact the Computing Science Co-op Coordinator.