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Detailed Résumé Handout

This handout covers every aspect of building a résumé in great detail. Use this document for guidance on how to organize and write your résumé, and for many examples.

Brief Résumé Handout

This handout outlines the sections of a well-organized résumé in brief detail.

Skills, Headings and Action Words

This document lists many words to use in résumés and cover letters.

CPA Résumé and Cover Letter Tips

This document from the CPA covers tips for creating résumés and cover letters.

Résumé Presentation

It’s important to present your information in a comprehensive and attractive document to demonstrate the contributions you will make to a future employer.

Below are the different types of résumés available along with samples. The type you used should be based on your skills, experience and the position you are applying for:

  • Chronological/Combined 

    A chronological résumé lists work experience from the most to the least recent work experience and provides details about the work positions.

    This type of résumé should be used if:

    • You have experience in the field you are seeking employment in
    • Your work history is stable with limited time gaps
    • You have a long history with no large gaps between jobs and when you’re not drastically changing your career direction
    • You have strong editing skills
    • Samples
  • Functional

    A functional résumé lists your abilities in “skill groups” that focus on transferable skills and abilities. This allow you to highlight the skills you acquired through your education and volunteer experience. This style is suitable for recent grads or mid-career changes.

    This type of résumé should be used if:

    • You have limited work experience in the industry you are pursuing
    • You want to emphasize your transferable skills
    • You are making a career change to a new industry or occupation, or are a recent graduate
    • Samples

Once you have determined what you can offer an employer, researched the job market and decided on a presentation method, you are ready to build the content of your résumé.

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