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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University
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Cost Estimator

Wondering how much it costs for an education at TRU? That depends on the program you've chosen, the number of courses you're taking, and other factors. Use our cost estimator to get a rough estimate.

One-year estimates for Canadian students

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You can ride the bus for free with a UPASS.

 Details on fees (included in tuition and fees estimate)
Fee Full-time Part-time
TRU Fees
Ancillary fee $265.50 $132.75
Athletic and recreation fee $112.50 $56.25
Comprehensive university enhancement fee $181.50 $90.75
Building fund fee $150.30 $75.15
TRU Student Union Fees
TRU Student Union $190 $95
Omega newspaper fee $11.52 $5.76
Cariboo Child Care Society $3.00 $1.50
Radio station $13.50 $6.75
Canadian Federation of Students $18.28 $9.14
U-Pass $110.96 $55.48
Total 1,048.06 528.53