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Before Registering for a Course

If you've never taken a course through Open Learning, you may have questions about prerequisites or how long it will take to complete a course.

The course description, which you can find using our Course Search tool, is your first source of information about textbooks and materials, English language requirements and more. Please read it thoroughly before you register.

General course information is provided below.


Course prerequisites are specified in each course description.

Please be aware of prerequisites before you register and consult the student conduct policy.

Proficiency in English Requirements

TRU-OL requires that students have proficiency in English suitable for the course level. Post-secondary courses require post-secondary English reading and writing skills. Some courses have unique proficiency requirements provided in the course description.

Unless a particular course requires proof of proficiency (such as for HEAL courses or particular partnership agreement requirements) you are required to self-assess using language proficiency assessments such as:

  • LPI, a provincially recognized online assessment available for a fee from the University of British Columbia
  • TOEFL iBT, an online test

Students who have not obtained the required proficiency in English for the course level should discuss their plans with a Student Services advisor before registering.

Completion Guidelines

You may wonder how long it will take to complete a course. A paced course will have specific start and end dates, and full-time financial aid students should refer to their Study Contract for course completion deadlines.

However, continuous courses are more flexible and we offer the following completion guidelines:

  • Most 3-credit courses are designed to be completed within a four-month period, based on 12 to 15 hours of study time per week. Students may also complete courses sooner.
  • A student studying full-time would be expected to take a minimum of 9 credits during a four month period.
  • The maximum course completion time for these courses is 30 weeks from the date of registration. This 30-week period includes course package processing and delivery, study time, assignment and marks delivery and final examination writing. As always, refer to the course description; completion time for some Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses may be 36 weeks.
  • We recommend that students complete assignments in sequential order and submit them on schedule to their Open Learning Faculty Member (at least several weeks before the final examination) to achieve the learning outcomes and to prepare for their final examination.
  • There are normally six examination sessions to choose from over the 30-week period from the date of registration. A schedule of eligible examination sessions is available online. Refer to registration, cancellation, withdrawal, extension, and repeat registration policies.

Student Responsibility

Every student accepted for registration with TRU-OL will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the regulations and policies of the university and of the program, if applicable, in which that student is enrolled.

TRU-OL will assist students with any questions or problems that may arise concerning the interpretation of academic regulations. However, students are responsible for ensuring that their academic programs meet the regulations of a particular institution in all respects. Therefore, students are responsible for their academic and financial choices, including registering in appropriate courses, completing courses and/or programs, or withdrawing from courses and/or programs, as per their choice.

Personal Information

Thompson Rivers University gathers and maintains information used for the purpose of admission, registration and other activities related to being a member of the TRU community and attending a public post-secondary institution in British Columbia. In signing an application for admission, all applicants are advised that both the information they provide and any other information placed into the student record will be protected and used as set out in the application for admissions in compliance with the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Read TRU's privacy statement for more information.

Notification of Disclosure of Personal Information to Statistics Canada

The federal Statistics Act provides the legal authority for Statistics Canada to obtain access to personal information held by educational institutions. The information may be used only for statistical purposes and the confidentiality provisions of the Statistics Act prevent the information from being released in any way that would identify a student. Students who do not wish to have their information used are able to ask Statistics Canada to remove their identification and contact information from the national database.

For more information, visit the Statistics Canada website.