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This information pertains to distance learning through Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning (TRU-OL). If you require information about on-campus learning at TRU Kamloops, click here.

Open Admission

All persons are eligible for general admission to Open Learning and can apply for course registration as well as admission into credential programs. Differential fees and services may apply to applicants who are classified as international students as well as non-permanent residents of British Columbia.

Applicants do not require a specific grade point average (GPA) and are not required to submit transcripts from secondary school to be admitted to TRU-OL and to register in courses.

Permanent Residents of British Columbia

A permanent resident of British Columbia is defined as a person who resides in British Columbia and possesses Canadian citizenship or permanent resident (landed immigrant) status.

International Students

An international student is defined as a person who:

  1. does not possess Canadian citizenship or
  2. is not classified as a permanent resident of Canada under Canadian immigration regulations.

Normally, TRU-OL coursework cannot be used to establish or extend a study permit.


  • Applicants to specific programs are required to fulfill program admission requirements.

  • Upon reading suggested or required course requisites, applicants registering in Open Learning courses must determine if their level of education or experience is suitable to meet course prerequisites and be prepared to support this declaration, if required. Once registered, students are affirming they either meet course prerequisites or are taking responsibility for their enrolment in courses, as applicable. In doing so, students are acknowledging personal responsibility for their educational proficiency and performance in the courses they have enrolled in. Open Learning students wishing to take courses on campus may have to prove that they meet certain prerequisites.

  • Applicants must have proficiency in English at a level suitable to the course or program of study for which they are applying. University-level courses require English proficiency equivalent to Grade 12 English or higher. While most courses and programs offered through TRU-OL do not require any particular English proficiency tests, prospective students who have English as a second language may be asked to provide information concerning their proficiency in English.

Admission to a Program

Students who plan to complete a credential through TRU-OL must fill in and submit the TRU-OL Program Admission form. Students may also apply for program admission through TRU-OL online or by completing and submitting the form on the BC Post-Secondary Application Service website.

Applicants should familiarize themselves with TRU-OL program choices as well as particular TRU-OL-specific regulations, fees and procedures, which differ from TRU campus-delivered program admission processes. Contact Student Services if you have any questions. Individuals interested in completing a TRU campus-based program should refer to the TRU website.

Program status is considered active if a student engages in either program-based courses, PLAR or transfer of credits within a two-year time span. Inactive students must re-apply for program admission and are subject to current program requirements. Refer to information about educational advising services, transfer credit, program plans, and prior learning assessment and recognition.

Students are not required to be enrolled in a particular program category to take courses with TRU-OL. These non-credential track students are categorized as being in an 'undeclared' program at TRU-OL.

Students who have gained credit for individual courses at TRU-OL (e.g. students who were not enrolled in a program) and now want to complete a program must apply for program admission.

Many professional associations, businesses, industries, community colleges, provincial institutes, and universities recognize credentials earned through TRU-OL.

Contact Student Services for more information.