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General Studies


General Studies programs offer a multidisciplinary approach to education, allowing you to study a plethora of subject matter: arts, science, social sciences and humanities. Follow your passion and create your own program by choosing from a wide range of courses that will fulfill your program requirements.

While you can choose from many OL courses to fulfill your program requirements, you can access college and university transfer courses from other recognized post-secondary institutions. Visit British Columbia Council on Admissions & Transfer (BCCAT) at to view your course options.

Plan ahead by taking courses toward your General Studies credential that can later be applied toward another OL program.

If you plan to complete a General Studies credential, please fill in a Program Admission form and email fax or mail it to OL Admissions, along with your program application.

Certificate in General Studies College
Diploma in General Studies College
Bachelor of General Studies University

English Proficiency Requirement

You must have a proficiency in the English language at a level suitable for the course you want to take or the program to which you apply. If you have English as a second language, you may be required to provide evidence of proficiency in English. Refer to the English proficiency requirement.

Residency Requirements

Most TRU programs offered through Open Learning have residency requirements, which are stated in the program descriptions. Residency requirements are the number of TRU (distance or on-campus) credits that you must complete to graduate from an OL program. 

Individual course descriptions are provided for all programs offered. Before registering, read through the information about distance education provided on this website. It examines various topics to assist students to start and continue successfully as distance learners.

Refer to information about OL course delivery formats, which includes requirements for web-based courses.