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Bachelor of Public Administration

Here's how you can climb the ranks in your public sector job.

  1. Enroll in the Bachelor of Public Administration program.
  2. Transfer credits from your relevant and recognized certificate or diploma to reduce the time and money required to complete your degree.
  3. Complete the strategic planning, accounting, research and law courses that provide you the skills you need to get those highly desirable public sector management and leadership positions.

And, do all of this without ever leaving your job.

This online, part-time degree is specifically designed for individuals working in government, First Nations government or non-profit sectors.


With a Bachelor of Public Administration degree you can start your career in any level of government or within a non-profit organization. Some of these positions include:

  • Budget analyst
  • City/regional district manager
  • Fundraising manager
  • First Nation Band administrator
  • General operations manager
  • Grant administrator
  • Human services director
  • Legislative support
  • Policy analyst
  • Program director
  • Public works director
  • Parks and recreation superintendent
  • Treaty researcher
 Calendar Description

The Bachelor of Public Administration program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective managers and leaders in federal, provincial, municipal and First Nations government, as well as in the non-profit sector.

 Program Requirements

Admission Requirements

Students can ladder into the Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) from the Public Sector Management Diploma or Local Government Management diploma offered by the University of Victoria's School of Public Administration. It is recommended, but not required, that students complete one of these diplomas before entering the BPA, as 11 of the courses in each of these diplomas transfer to the BPA.

For more about UVic's programs, see The University of Victoria's School of Public Administration.

Students may receive up to 50% of the credits required for the BPA through prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR).

Residency Requirements

A minimum of 15 TRU credits (distance or on-campus)

Degree Requirements

120 credits total, including 45 upper-level credits, with a GPA of 2.00 or higher over all courses required to complete this credential, as follows:

General Education Requirements (15 credits)

6 credits in communications (BBUS 3169, CMNS 1291 or CMNS 1811) and/or English (ENGL 1001, ENGL 1021 or ENGL 1101)
3 credits in mathematics or sciences
3 credits in humanities other than English (modern languages recommended)
3 credits in social sciences

Core Knowledge Requirements (60 credits)

MATH 1101, Finite Mathematics (3) or a business Math course (MATH 1091)
STAT 1201, Introduction to Probability and Statistics (3)
BLAW 2921, Law for Public Sector Managers (3)
ACCT 2211, Introduction to Financial Accounting (3) or ACCT 1221, Accounting II (3)
POLI 1111, Canadian Government and Politics
ACCT 2251, Management Accounting (3)
MKTG 2431, Marketing (3)
HRMN 2821, Human Resource Management (3) (UVIC ADMN 431A Public Sector Human Resources and Labour Relations may be substituted)
MIST 2611, Management Information Systems (3)
BBUS 3109 (UVIC ADMN 310), Public Sector Economics (3)
BBUS 3119 (UVIC ADMN 311/POLI 350), Introduction to Public Administration (3)
BBUS 3129 (UVIC ADMN 312), Managing in Public and Non-Profit Organizations (3) (BBUS 2721 may be substituted)
BBUS 3149 (UVIC ADMN 314), Public Sector Research and Analysis (3)
BBUS 4079 (UVIC ADMN 407), Managing Service Delivery (3)
BBUS 4209 (UVIC ADMN 420), Public Policy Process (3)
BBUS 4219 (UVIC ADMN 421), Financial Management (preferred) or BBUS 4489 (UVIC ADMN 448), Local Government Financial Management ( FNCE 2121, Financial Management (3) may be substituted)
BBUS 4229 (UVIC ADMN 422), Ethical Public Management (3)
BBUS 4379 (UVIC ADMN 437), Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement (3)
MNGT 4711, Decision Analysis (3) (ACCT 4251, Advanced Management Accounting may be substituted)
BBUS 4779 (UVIC ADMN 477), Strategic Planning and Implementation (3)

Elective Requirements (45 credits)

Sufficient academic and/or applied credits to bring the total number of credits to 120; additional courses in political science and/or economics are recommended

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for consulting with their Program Advisor to ensure that the courses they select are available and appropriate for their program of study and educational goals. Students who proceed without approval from their Program Advisor may find that a course does not meet program requirements. Without such approval, students risk not being able to apply a course toward a credential. If the course can be used toward the credential, students will be required to pay the transcript assessment fee.


Please see Tuition and Fees for details.


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