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Business and Management Studies


Our Business and Management Studies programs are designed so that you can transition into or out of post-secondary education as your professional and family commitments and educational needs change. This is achieved through our open admissions policy, laddered curriculum with a progressive credential structure, commitment to active prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR) and generous transfer credit.

Business and Management Studies programs are designed to develop your supervision, business and management skills.

For some concentrations and for graduate program eligibility, you may need to take classroom or distance education courses at other post-secondary institutions and then transfer the credits to your OL program.

Pathway Chart

The following Pathway Chart illustrates Business and Management Studies' flexible program structure and how credits gained in one credential can ladder into (count toward) the next credential:

Program Laddering


All Business and Management Studies programs are listed in the left-hand navigation bar. You may earn a certificate, diploma or degree by fulfilling the requirements of individual programs. The credits you gain in one credential can count toward the next credential.

When you are admitted to a program, you are assigned a Program Advisor who will answer your questions and create a plan that will guide you through your studies.

English Proficiency Requirement

You must have a proficiency in English at a level suitable to the course or program of study for which you are applying. If you have English as a second language, you may be required to provide evidence of proficiency in English. See the English proficiency requirement.

Admission Requirements

Most Business and Management Studies programs have open admissions, but you are encouraged to refer to the requirements of the program you are interested in.

Residency Requirements

Most OL programs have academic residency requirements—the number of credits that you must complete at TRU (either distance with OL or on-campus at TRU) to graduate with a TRU credential. Residency requirements for each program are specified in the program descriptions under the Program Requirements heading. Academic residency requirements differ from place of residence requirements specified for financial assistance.

For most OL Business and Management Studies programs, the following residency requirements apply:

  • Certificate programs: 6 credits
  • Diploma programs: 9 credits
  • Degree programs 15 credits

Residency requirements can be met by:

  1. Taking courses with TRU (either on campus or at a distance)
  2. Taking courses with TRU's consortium partners: Uvic (University of Victoria) and SFU (Simon Fraser University)
  3. Acquiring credit through prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR)

Fit life around school

Financial Assistance

If you are  applying for financial assistance, you must meet specific place of residence requirements, which differ from program residency requirements. See the Student Awards & Financial Support page for full information.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

PLAR allows you to earn academic credits for knowledge, training and skills gained through work and life experience.

If you have applied for or been admitted to a Business and Management Studies program, you may be eligible for credit based on an assessment of your non-formal or prior learning. There is generally no limit on the amount of PLAR that can be credited to OL programs to which PLAR applies. However, note that PLAR credit awarded by OL toward a TRU credential may not be transferrable to other post-secondary institutions.

OL accepts PLAR credit from all BC post-secondary institutions that have formally adopted the recommended BC provincial standards.

PLAR Contacts

For more about PLAR and how to apply, refer to the PLAR Policy page and contact a PLAR Advisor: Email PLAR Advising or call toll-free: 1-800-663-9711 (Kamloops and International) or call 250-852-7000.

Program Contacts

Email Business and Management Studies.