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Advising for New International Students

The role of the International Student Academic Advisor is to get to know each international student and to:

  • Provide accurate, current information about TRU's programs and requirements.
  • Assist with developing a course of study.
  • Review and approve course selections and course changes.
  • Aid students in a continuing and realistic appraisal of their choice of courses and their success in all aspects of their program.
  • Provide information on campus support agencies and make referrals.
  • Offer advising assistance when academic difficulties arise.
  • Provide information on transferability to other post-secondary institutions.

When you arrive

If you are a new international student, here's what you should know about Advising:

  • When you arrive at TRU, you will meet with an International Student Academic Advisor.
  • If you enter the third year of a degree program, all your coursework will be approved by a program advisor in your area of study.
  • Like most students who have just arrived, you will be unfamiliar with the academic life of the campus.
  • In the beginning, you may feel confused or frustrated; this is a very common feeling for most new students.
  • The advising you receive is designed to help you become more knowledgeable and confident about your studies at TRU.
  • At first you will need a great deal of support because everything is so new and different. Later, when you have been here for a while and know your way around, you will want to act more independently.

Things you can do to help yourself

In order to receive the best assistance and information, you must:

  • Remember that since no one can predict your needs, you have to communicate your needs to those who can help you.
  • The process of communication is often challenging, but extremely necessary if you are to reach your goals.
  • Ask questions until you understand the procedures at TRU and feel comfortable with how the process of Advising and Registration is accomplished.
  • One of the ways to become acquainted with TRU, your International Student Advisor and other international students is to log onto Blackboard or Moodle. The International Academic Advisors may leave messages for you, so it is very important that you check back frequently by logging into your myTRU account.

What an advisor will do for you

  • An Academic Advisor is often one of the first people you make contact with as a new TRU student.
  • Advisors will help you to plan your educational future considering your intellectual, career and personal goals.
  • After developing such a plan, your advisor will help you to meet those goals in an orderly and timely manner.
  • Advisors are here to assist current students with planning courses at various levels, including first and second year university, career technology programs, trades programs, university preparation and English as a second language.
  • All advisors are committed to assisting students in developing and achieving meaningful goals that are compatible with their long-term educational and career intentions.