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Registering for Courses Help

Registering for classes at TRU is easy once you know what you are doing. Be aware that you are part of that process and some of the responsibility falls on your shoulders. Read the information sent to you, find help online and ask questions if you are having trouble.

As TRU is comprehensive in its course offerings and programming, not every program will have the same course selection process. Not all students are required to choose their own classes. We have many programs with a set pattern of courses for each semester and, once admitted, the students are given their schedule. Find out which category you will fall into.

 Academic Programs — Registering for Courses

Includes year 1 to 4 and university preparation students. There are some exceptions.

The academic courses at TRU are offered in three time frames: the fall semester (September), the winter semester (January) and summer session (May). The schedule of course offerings is usually online early in March for the fall/winter classes and late January for summer session. These online schedules are always up to date, as changes are made automatically. Students enrol for their fall and winter classes in June and July, and for their summer classes beginning the first week in March.

To enrol successfully into your courses there are a number of steps you need to do first:

  1. Have your courses picked out for each semester with some spares in case something is full or there are conflicts in your schedule. This means that you will need to have an educational goal.
    If you wait to decide on your courses until the day you actually enrol, you will find that you will be forced to make quick decisions without fully researching and thinking about them. By planning early you will be more relaxed and satisfied with your choices, avoiding the need to change your schedule at a later date when the availability of courses is much reduced. Be prepared ahead of time.
  2. All students who want classes in the fall/winter semesters and have applied to TRU by the deadline date, will be sent a registration notice in early June stating your date and time you may start to register for courses. Priority for registration is given to current students before new students. Students may also go to their myTRU account and check their registration status to find out their date and time to register. Dates are online early in June.
  3. Read the information TRU sends you. Many students do not read all the instructions, and therefore, make the process of enrolling into their courses much harder than it needs to be.
  4. Check out the tutorials as they explain how to make your own conflict-free timetable. The timetable and registration tutorials also explain in detail the registration process both online and in-person.
Exceptions to the academic enrolment process

Students who are in the following degree programs at TRU need to follow the process outlined for the career/technology programs. This is because these few degrees and transfer programs have set programs beginning at year 1. There is usually not a lot of choice regarding electives and workload. The degree progresses in a systematic way, requiring that certain requirements be fulfilled before others can be taken.

  • Bachelor of Natural Resource Science (first year)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Tourism (first year)
  • Transfer for Engineering
  • Transfer for Forestry
What about the other degrees?

All of these degrees require a minimum of 60+ credits (or 20+ academic courses) to be completed prior to entry. Students interested in being admitted must start out in another program. Usually students begin their year 1 and 2 courses in one of the other larger faculties — arts, business or science — and then apply into the program of their choice.

 Career/Technology — Enrolment and Course Selection

One- and two-year certificate and diploma programs

Find your program in the TRU Calendar. You will notice that for most career programs there is a grid showing you the exact courses you need to take each semester, whether it is for two, four or six semesters. If you happen to see an elective choice, your elective will usually be made in consultation with the chair or co-ordinator of the program, prior to enrolling. You will have to make contact to decide which elective is best for you.

An admissions/registration officer will receive the paperwork from the department and upon receipt of your commitment fee will confirm admission into the program. Actual course registration is completed by each student sometime in June or July.

Remember: Classes are between 8:30 a.m. until 9:20 p.m. from Monday to Friday. You may find your classes are in a particular block of time, or spread out over the week at set times.

 Trades and Technology — Enrolment and Course Selection

Whether offered ongoing or once per year — includes apprenticeship

Find your program in the TRU Calendar. All trade programs begin at 8 a.m. and end at approximately 3 p.m. daily. TRU is also offering two streams for some trade programs, so a few will have a second stream beginning at 1 p.m. and ending at 9 p.m. The trades programs are usually comprised of just one course (example: Plumbing is just Plum 1010).

Once you have been admitted, admissions/registration officer will receive the paperwork from the department and upon receipt of your commitment fee, will automatically enrol you into the trade program. Your registration information will be mailed to you well before classes start. All you have to do is begin class.

Some trade programs are ongoing and filled from wait lists. This means there is not a nice, neat start and end day. Programs, like partsperson, are ongoing. The first student off the wait list is notified well in advance that a seat is being held for them for a specific start date. Again, once the commitment fee is paid as confirmation of acceptance, an admissions/registration officer will automatically enrol the student and mail out the registration information. You will need to begin classes on the start date noted on the form.

 Continuing Studies

If you are interested in any of these courses to either take alone or in conjunction with other coursework at TRU, please see Community Programs.