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Grades & Transcripts

Apply to Graduate

March 31 is the deadline to apply to graduate and participate in Convocation.
All TRU students must apply to graduate in order to receive their credentials. This is different from attending the convocation ceremonies for which you also have to register. You can apply at any time through your myTRU account.

Your academic record includes personal contact information, all credential information (degrees, diplomas and certificates) for courses you have completed or are registered in, grades obtained and academic progression decisions.

It is important to review your information several times during the term to ensure it is correct and up to date. You can view your most current grade information through myTRU (See How to Use myTRU).

If you have any questions about your posted grades or believe there is an error, please contact Registration.

Grade point average (GPA)

Answers to questions about GPA, deferred grades, grade appeals and academic renewal.

Academic standing and probation

Information on academic progression, probation and reinstatement.

Official transcripts

How to order your official TRU transcripts.

Ordering a replacement parchment

How to replace or reissue your degree, diploma or certificate.


Information on when and why a student should withdraw from a course or program and medical withdrawals.