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Meet the Writing Centre Tutors

Most of our writing tutors are students. The responsibility of the tutor is to offer feedback and advice on writing, with the goal of developing students' writing skills. The responsibility of the writing tutor is not to fix or simply editthe paper or be an expert on the content. Tutors attend up to 20 hours of training on the following topics: writing, grammar, collaboration, interpersonal skills, intercultural competencies, and tutoring and writing centre theories, practices, and strategies.The interaction between the writing tutor and the writer is one of cooperation, respect, and focused learning.

Writing Centre Coordinator

Jenna Goddard, BA, MAdEd, TESL

Writing Centre Co-coordinator

Aksa Mughal, M Ed in Leadership

Writing Centre Assistant

Chris Lindsay, BA, TESL

Peer tutors (bachelor's or master's degree in progress)

Chelsea Tuyttens, BA, TESL
Specialities: Creative Writing, Research Skills, Essay Structure and Organization

Chris Birch, BA in Chemistry, History
Specialities: Scientific Writing, Essay Structure and Organization

Jimmy Latin, BA in English
Specialties: Literature, Essay Structure, Clarity, and Grammar

Lachlan Gonzales, BA in History, TESL, M.Ed
Specialties: Academic and Creative Writing, Undergraduate and Graduate Research Skills, Thesis Development, Essay Structure and Organization, and APA Citations

Mackenzie Warner, BA in English, Creative Writing
Specialities: Literature, Academic and Creative Writing, Essay Planning, Organization, Structure, Formatting, Transitions and Flow, Quoting, MLA and APA Citation Styles, Grammar, and Punctuation

Natalie Stewart, BA in Communications, Creative Writing
Specialties: Literature, Academic Writing, Essay Planning, Transitions and Flow, and MLA Citation

Qingru (Maggie) Wu, BBA in Marketing
Specialties: Essay Planning, Organizing and Grammar

Community, faculty, and staff volunteers

Anne Patterson, BA in English, Journalism
Specialties: Academic, Business, and Creative Writing, and Presentations

Chris Ward, BA, Business and Communication and Professional Writing Certificate
Specialties: Essay Planning, Structure and Flow, Grammar, and APA Citation

Shawn Thompson, BA, MA
Specialties: Creative Writing and Grammar

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