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TRU offers programs and courses for students on campus in Williams Lake and Kamloops. Some programs and courses are also available online through Open Learning.

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Winter 2022

Chemistry 0500 - Foundations of Chemistry 1 (Chemistry 11 equivalent)

This course is designed for those students who have taken no previous high school chemistry course but who now require the equivalent of Chemistry 11 for entry into a certain program or course. Topics covered include chemical arithmetic, chemical nomenclature, chemical formula calculations, energy, solutions, atomic theory, chemical bonding, acids and bases, and physical properties. The laboratory reinforces concepts introduced in the lectures.

English 0400 - Basic Language Skills (English 10 equivalent)

This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to enter higher level courses. It is based on the following core skills: vocabulary development, reading, writing and study skills.

English 0500 - Developing Writing Skills (English 11 equivalent)

A basic writing skills course which covers mechanics, sentence structure, grammar and composition. The major modes of writing (description, narration, and exposition) are covered.

English 0600 - Literature and Composition (English 12 equivalent)

ENGL 0600 is a Provincial Level (Grade 12 equivalency) course which prepares students for the demands of compositions required in academic courses. It provides for further development of writing and thinking skills begun in earlier levels. Students work with a variety of rhetorical models for essay development. Also included is a critical analysis of selected works of prose and poetry.

Math 0410 - Algebra 1 (Part 2 of Math 10 equivalent)

Students prepare for entry into Math 0510 or Math 0520, by reviewing basic math skills, graphing linear equations, performing operations with polynomials, handling inequalities, solving first and second degree equations and systems of two equations, and simplifying and solving rational and radical expressions and equations. Students are also introduced to right-triangle trigonometry. Together with MATH 0400: Basic Math Skills, this course fulfills the Adult Basic Education-Intermediate requirements.

Math 0650 - Provincial Foundations of Math (Math 12 equivalent

This course is designed to prepare students with the math skills necessary for entry to programs or courses where Foundations of Math 12 is a prerequisite. Topics include logical reasoning and set theory, permutations and combinations, probability, exponential and logarithmic functions, polynomial and sinusoidal functions, and financial mathematics.

NAST 0600 - Overview of First Nations Studies

In this course, students explore issues related to the role of elders, women, and leaders in matters pertaining to health, education, justice, and economical development in Indigenous communities and off-reserve communities. Using the articles found in the textbook as a guide, the instructor will draw upon community resources to supplement the course content. Classroom activities will include presenting in small groups and conducting library and Internet searches.

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