Heavy Mechanical Foundation

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Program Description

The Heavy Mechanical Foundation program supports pre-apprenticeship training for all four of the heavy mechanical trades. Credit is granted for Level One technical training and 450 hours of work-based traing time toward each of the four trades:

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician (formerly Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

A person who maintains, manufactures, overhauls, reconditions and repairs equipment powered by internal combustion engines or electricity and without limiting the foregoing, including graders, loaders, shovels, tractors, trucks, forklifts, wheeled and tracked vehicles of all types used in construction, logging sawmill, manufacturing, mining and other similar industry.

Truck and Transport Mechanic (formerly Commercial Transport Vehicle Mechanic)

A person who maintains, rebuilds, overhauls, reconditions, does diagnostic troubleshooting of motorized commercial truck, bus and road transport equipment.

Diesel Engine Mechanic

A person who installs, repairs and maintains all internal combustion diesel engines and components used in transport, construction and marine.

Transport Trailer (formerly Commercial Transport Mechanic)

A person who maintains, rebuilds, overhauls, reconditions and does diagnotic trouble shooting and repairs of commercial truck and trailers.

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Course Content

The program covers all aspects necessary for graduates to enter the trade as an apprentice. That is, the program is a pre-apprentice/trade entry, and does not require any previous experience or training in the industry.

Hands-on: Strong emphasis is placed on practical training with numerous hands-on projects. Graduates should be able to develop enough skills to be hired on as an immediately productive employee—reducing the need for employers to invest further time and resources into training a new apprenticeship candidate.

Course Length

29-week combined course

Commencement Date

September 2021

Admission Requirements

Educational Requirements
  1. BC Grade 10, but Grade 12 strongly recommended, or mature student status
  2. Successful completion of Entry Assessment test

Heavy Mechanical Foundations admission information package

Note: Students considering enrolling in Automotive, Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Vehicle Mechanics programs should be aware that it has been recommended that entry requirements for apprenticeships in these programs be raised from Grade 10 to Grade 12 or equivalent including English 12, or ENGL 0600, Math 11, or MATH 0510, and Physics 11, or PHYS 0500, or Science and Technology 11. The minimum entry prerequisite for the province is currently successful completion of BC Grade 10 or equivalent.

General Requirements
  1. Good health
  2. Mechanical aptitude
  3. Must have safety boots and safety glasses
  4. Must supply and launder your own coveralls
  5. Must have welding gloves and welding hat


See Program Costs for the statement of tuition fees.

Go to the Financial Aids and Awards website for information on applying for student awards.


Questions regarding Foundation Training tuition should be directed to the Admissions Office.

Questions regarding the Heavy Mechanical Foundation program, please direct to:

Mike Shields - Mechanics Instructor
Email: mshields@tru.ca
Phone: 250-392-8120
Fax: 250-392-4984

Thomas Haag - Program Chairperson and Mechanical Trades
Email: thaag@tru.ca
Phone: 250-828-5119
Fax: 250-828-5492

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