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Foundation Training Programs

Foundation Training is formerly known as Entry-Level Trades Training. It is designed for those seeking basic entry-level skills to work in a specific trade of their choice and are not presently indentured into an Apprenticeship program. This program prepares students for entry into the Apprenticeship Program and in most cases will lead to first year technical training credit.

Foundation programs are a newly renamed category of ITA credentialed programs, introduced in April 2006. They offer entry-level, school-based training that give trainees the knowledge and essential skills needed for entry into a particular industry occupation.

Foundation programs involve limited on-the-job training and trainees do not require and employer/sponsor to participate.

These programs offer a linkage to one or more apprenticeship programs and may precede enrolment in a full apprenticeship. They may also provide credit towards apprenticeship training. For example, many of the programs known as Entry Level Trades Training (ELTT) result in a minimum of Level 1 apprenticeship technical training credit.

Foundation Training Dates
Foundation Program Name Start Date End Date
Carpenter July 15, 2019 Feb 21, 2020
Electrician - Construction Feb 3, 2020 July 17, 2020
Heavy Mechanical Sept 3, 2019 April 24, 2020
Welding Feb 3, 2020 July 17, 2020
How to Apply

Contact the Admissions and Registrations Office:

Apprenticeship Training Programs

TRU Williams Lake offers training to registered apprentices in the following program areas

Trade Level Duration Start Date End Date
Electrical - Construction 2 10 weeks Oct 15, 2019 Dec 20, 2019
Saw Filer
1 4 weeks Sept 16, 2019 Oct 25, 2019
2 4 weeks Oct 28, 2019 Nov 22, 2019
3 4 weeks Nov 25, 2019  Dec 20, 2019
Welder 1 8 weeks TBA TBA

Trades Training Modules

Trade Level Duration Start Date End Date
Welder  B/3 12 weeks TBA TBA
Welder A 8 weeks TBA TBA

Options for High School Students

Get started in high school!

Some of these programs are available through the Transition Training program which allows Grade 11 and 12 students to apply for TRU programs and earn concurrent credits through integrated secondary and post-secondary career programs. Students benefit from not paying post-secondary tuition fees while enrolled in CTC programs. Learn More about the program on the School District 27 website.

Visit the the Industrial Training Authority website for more information.

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