Applied Sustainable Ranching

Become a leader. Revitalize the agricultural industry with sustainable ranching through TRU.

The Applied Sustainable Ranching program is a 60-credit program, the first of its kind in British Columbia. This program allows you to work with livestock on active ranches and learn how you can help create a sustainable, environmentally friendly agricultural industry. In-class and/or online courses teach you the business of ranching and land management through business, communications, marketing, and economics courses, as well as natural resources, science and technology. The tools you gain will allow you to build and manage a diversified and resilient ranching operation or agricultural business in BC, across Canada and around the world.

What to expect

  • Participate in real-life ranching operations in BC
  • Gain employment-ready experience
  • Understand how ranch and rangeland ecosystems react to management decisions
  • Understand livestock needs and how to best manage the natural environment to produce nutritious proteins to feed the world
  • Learn to design ranching enterprises that fit the environment and resources while providing a return on investment
  • Experience a program that is built in BC to address the needs of the local ranching environment
  • Learn to develop and fine-tune enterprise management around the unique market opportunities in your region

Whether you are already part of the farming and ranching community or you are a newcomer, the interdisciplinary and practical, hands-on approach of the ASUR program will help you successfully lead and enhance the future of a sustainable ranching and agricultural industry.


As a graduate of the ASUR program you may discover career opportunities within areas such as:

  • Cowboy
  • Customer service or retail manager
  • Equipment
  • Farm input sales
  • Irrigation
  • Land manager
  • Ranch hand
  • Ranch operations manager

You can also use your ASUR diploma to gain credit recognition for Olds College’s Bachelor of Applied Science: Agribusiness. If you decide to branch out and apply your knowledge to another profession, you can also transfer credits gained into TRU’s Bachelor of General Studies.

Inquiries and Advising

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