Admission Requirements

Educational Requirements

  1. Grade 12 (or equivalent), or mature student status
  2. English Studies 12 wih a minimum grade of 65% or English First Peoples 12 with a minimum grade of 65% or equivalent
  3. Foundations of Mathematics 11 (or equivalent) 60%
  4. Anatomy & Physiology 12 with a minimum 60% (or equivalent)
  5. Human Anatomy and Physiology for Practical Nurses (or equivalent)  
       TRU Williams Lake offers PNUR 1300: Human Anatomy & Physiology for Practical Nurses on campus every winter    (January – April) semester. Alternatively, TRU Open Learning offers HLTH 1121; however, PNUR 1300 is preferred as it is provincially accepted. Please note: The pre-requisite for Human Anatomy & Physiology is Anatomy & Physiology (Biology) 12 with a minimum 60% (or equivalent)


Please Note: TRU WL offers PNUR 1300: Human Anatomy and Physiology for Practical Nurses every Winter semester. Please check the course schedule and email for more information.

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