• Tuition and student fees year one at TRU Williams Lake: $6,170 (approximately)
  • Committment fee: $500 upon seat offer (deducted from first semester tuition)
  • Tuition and student fees year two at TRU Williams Lake: $4,750 (approximately)
  • Years three and four tuition and student fees: $5,000 per year (approximately)

Nursing students are advised to budget for the following:

  • Textbooks: $400 per year (approximately)
  • Immunizations: $145
  • Two sets of grey scrubs (required BScN colour): $80
  • Closed-toed and heel walking shoes for practicum (washable fabric, no cloth): $80 (approximately)
  • Additional school supplies: $75 (USB, pens, binders, etc.)
  • Lab kit fees: $250 (approximately)
  • Criminal Record Check: $28 (fee will be added at the time of registration, not an additional fee)
  • CPR-C for Health Care Providors: $155
  • Mask Fit Testing (cash only to third party fit tester): $25 per year
  • Personal Safety Techniques: $135 (approximately)
  • Parking on campus (optional): $150 per semester (TRU Williams Lake campus)
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