Practicum Information


  • Last two weeks in May
  • The requirements include successful completion of all courses, a positive professional attitude, must be reliable, responsible, and maintain good attendance

Student Expectations

  • Display a positive and professional attitude
  • Conform to the office personnel policies regarding work hours, dress, breaks, and conduct
  • Put newly learned skills to practical use in a positive learning atmosphere
  • Seek continuous feedback from the supervisor
  • Receive no remuneration for work performed
  • Notify the supervisor and/or practicum coordinator of any difficulties during the practicum

Employer Expectations

  • A positive learning atmosphere for the practicum student
  • Meaningful hands-on work experience that is relevant to the organization
  • Supervision of the student
  • Consistent and constructive feedback to the student
  • Completed evaluation of the student near completion date of practicum
  • Notify the practicum coordinator of any difficulties during the practicum

Coordinator Expectations

  • Provide a practicum for all students who have successfully completed the curriculum to date
  • Be available to the supervisor and student to answer questions, lend support, and provide information about the program
  • Visit the practicum site for consultation with the student and supervisor if necessary
  • Discuss the completed evaluation results with the student and provide any necessary feedback

If you would be willing to provide a practicum experience for a student, or for more information please contact the program coordinator.

Kerry Cook

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