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Please contact Continuing Studies at 250-392-8010 to have your name placed on an interest list for upcoming course information for the following:

Composting XHRT 0890

Turning Organic Waste into Healthy Food

Join us for an interactive workshop exploring the world of composting.   Discussion will include the importance of compost in your garden, getting your compost started indoor and when to bring it outdoor. Topics introduced include: what materials are required to build a good  compost; different types of compost piles; when to turn or not to turn the pile as well as learning tips and tricks on how to control pests.

Fee: $45


April 25, 2018
Wednesday, 6 - 9 pm


Pruning Workshop XHRT 0300

This one-day workshop will review important concepts such as good tree structure, what to cut and where to cut, pruning to encourage production in fruit trees, as well as maintenance of pruning tools. Participants will realize the importance of pruning to maintain tree health. There will be a strong focus on modern thinking - minimizing the number of cuts so the tree can heal rapidly. You will not become master pruners but you will know "good pruning" from "bad pruning". Dress for the weather - the afternoon portion includes work outdoors

Fee: $145

April 21, 2018
Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm