The strategic enrolment management process is taking place concurrently with the development of TRU's new vision and strategic priorities, and therefore takes a phased approach. In the first phase, throughout 2019, action items that are not affected by the visioning process are being identified and implemented in stages; in the second phase in early 2020, once the strategic priorities are established, the SEM plan will be aligned to TRU’s new vision.

The SEM planning timeline will remain flexible, as learning at each stage informs the next. All stages involve engagement with stakeholders, advice and direction from our consultants, and feedback to the TRU community. The process will conclude with a “made in TRU” SEM plan that aligns with TRU’s mandate, mission, and our new vision and strategic priorities.

Spring 2020 update

COVID-19 has resulted in great and rapid change at TRU. During this time, our focus has been to adjust to new academic and service delivery models, but our need for a strategic enrolment management plan has never been greater. The timeline below has been adjusted to reflect some unforeseen delays as we adjust our planning and account for new and various impacts on enrolment and student success.

January – February 2019

Information gathering and review of current practices.

March – April 2019

SEM assessment and early recommendations.

May – June 2019

SEM core concepts workshop and identifying enrolment challenges.

July – August 2019

Establishing a SEM framework.

September – December 2019

Validating desired outcomes, identifying enrolment goals.

January – February 2020

Validating enrolment goals, developing objectives and tactics.

Spring/Summer 2020

Final draft of SEM plan.

Fall 2020

Approval of SEM plan, implementation, and ongoing cycle of review, assessment and refinement.

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