Data and Reports

As part of SEM planning, we are collecting data and creating reports in order to ensure that the process is as fully informed as possible.

Below are links to what we have so far. Some reports are intended for internal audiences only, and have been placed on the OneTRU intranet.

Also, for your convenience, we have links to relevant data and reports from Envision TRU.

Draft TRU SEM plan framework

The framework for TRU’s SEM plan illustrates how the different components of our strategy fit together, including the purpose of the plan, institutional values, desired outcomes, enrolment goals, measurable objectives, and actionable tactics.

Interim progress report

This report summarizes the input collected during the winter and spring regarding the issues and challenges that impact enrolment and what we can do better in order to support student success. A total of 29 specific issue statements have been crafted and grouped together into five overarching themes: Curriculum, Teaching, and Delivery; Academic Supports; Non-academic Supports; Culture of Service; and Choosing TRU. Statements reflecting our desired outcomes have been crafted for each theme, and values influencing enrolment planning have been identified in conjunction with the Envision TRU initiative. As always, this is a work in progress and it improves with your input and feedback. I welcome you to provide any thoughts you have on the information you’ll find here by emailing


Assessment report

This past January, TRU embarked on a journey to develop its first Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) plan — a plan that will help us maintain stable and manageable enrolment growth while ensuring students have the supports they need for access and success. With the guidance of consultants from the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), the SEM planning process will span approximately 12 months.

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The early stages of this process — discovery and assessment — brought our AACRAO consultants to Kamloops in February for two days of stakeholder meetings, as well as a comprehensive review of documentation, literature, and enrolment data. This work has culminated in the following SEM Assessment Report prepared for TRU by AACRAO Consulting. The Report summarizes the consultants’ findings of our current state with respect to our enrolment-related environment, activities, structures, policies, etc., and provides a number of early recommendations to support the success of our emergent SEM plan.

In order to maintain transparency and engagement throughout the SEM planning process, the SEM Assessment Report has been made available to the TRU community in its entirety. In addition, the SEM Planning Task Force has prepared the following addendum which provides high-level responses to the primary recommendations of the Report.

Your input and engagement in this initiative is critical. I welcome you to provide your thoughts and feedback on the information you’ll find here by emailing

The next stage of our SEM planning process is already underway. Through multiple points of feedback, such as this SEM Assessment Report, our Thought Exchange SEM question series, historical enrolment data, etc., we are forming the foundation upon which we will define enrolment goals. Each step of the process will involve reflecting what we find, back to you. Stay tuned.

Michael Bluhm
AVP Enrolment Services & Registrar
Chair, SEM Planning Task Force

Core concepts workshop

This workshop covered the history, definitions, dynamica and framework of SEM; assessed TRU's capacity for an effective SEM process; looked at a process for developing key enrolment strategies; and formulated how to get started on, or revitalize, SEM at TRU.

Thoughtexchange summary

Thoughtexchange is an online platform that asks users to anonymously share thoughts on a given topic and rank each others’ thoughts. The exchanges ran for one week each and asked as series of questions about how TRU can support students.

Summary of Responses to SEM Thoughtexchange Questions

Academica research

TRU engaged Academica Group to carry out a number of studies looking at the application process for students. Academica conducts research and consulting for post-secondary institutions in Canada and the United States.

Consultation primer

The goal of the consultation is to provide TRU with a long-term strategic enrolment management plan that includes data-driven strategies and tactics to meet enrolment goals and to address the trends and challenges it has identified.

SEM Consultation Primer

Terms of reference

SEM is . . . a comprehensive and coordinated process that enables a college to identify enrollment goals that are allied with its mission, its strategic plan, its environment, and its resources, and to reach those goals through the effective integration of administrative processes, student services, curriculum planning, and market analysis.

SEM Planning Task Force Terms of Reference
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