Frequently Asked Questions

What is Integrated Strategic Planning?

Integrated strategic planning is a process of gathering, evaluating, and adjusting the various planning efforts that occur at an institution with a view of bringing them under one broad institutional plan, moving in a similar direction. For TRU, this direction would be in alignment of our new Vision Statement and toward achievement of our 10-year strategic change goals.

Why have a plan?

A plan helps us put our Vision in Action. Through this process, every unit / department in the institution has the opportunity to clearly determine and outline how they will contribute to advancing TRU’s strategic change goals over the next five years.

Will my department be updating their plan?

Revisions to unit plans will vary across the institution and is dependent on the level of planning that has occurred at the unit level. The goal is to review and update plans, having them align with TRU’s new vision and strategic change goals. If you have questions about your departments planning, please be in touch with your respective department lead.

Is there an opportunity to provide input into the Vision Statement or the strategic goals?

The Vision Statement was the result of a significant consultation process—Envision TRU—that lasted from spring 2019 into early 2020. The Vision Statement was then approved by the university’s three governing bodies in March 2020. Had it not been for the pandemic, the ISP process would have started in the spring of 2020. Our focus at this time is to put TRU’s Vision in Action; additional input on the Vision Statement itself is outside the scope of this process.

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