Program Review

The purpose of Program Review is to evaluate each program’s health through evidence-based inquiry and analyses, with the findings documented in a comprehensive report and action plan. The focus of Program Review is continuous quality improvement―helping good programs get even better.

Program Review is coordinated through the Office of Quality Assurance and follows guidelines set out in TRU policy ED 8-4 Program Review.

All TRU programs must be reviewed at least once every seven years. Reviews start annualy in the Spring. Programs scheduled for review will be notified by the Quality Assurance Officer, registered in the Program Review Moodle course, oriented to program review, provided templates, and guided through eight modules over the course of roughly 14 months, culminating in a report to the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee (APPC).


The Program Review Handbook details the processes, procedures, and templates for completing a successful review. In addition, the Program Review Moodle course provides a step-by-step progression through the eight program review modules.

Completed reports and action plans are available on TRU's internal Program Review OneTRU site.


Please direct questions or comments about academic program review to Dr. Alana Hoare, Quality Assurance and Accreditation Liaison Officer, at

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