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General Education

In fall 2016, the General Education Taskforce (GET) was created with the following purpose, “to advise APPC on the establishment, revision, or discontinuance of policies and procedures in relation to general education curriculum”.

For our purposes, general education refers to an integrated course of study that helps students to develop the breadth and depth of intellect to become more effective learners and to prepare them for a productive life of work, citizenship, and personal fulfilment.

Although the term general education is not commonly used in the Canadian post-secondary context, the philosophical underpinnings of general education are foundational components of TRU’s unique mandate and mission. As a learner-centred institution, TRU is dedicated to the intellectual and social development of its students through courses, programs, and experiential learning opportunities that provide learning and critical thinking skills, and the encouragement to approach issues with creativity.

GET began meeting in February 2017 and after much research, consultation, and deliberation is recommending to APPC that TRU adopt a general education curriculum within all undergraduate degrees. GET recommends a thematic model of general education, based upon institutional learning outcomes (ILO) which have been derived from the Senate approved Graduate Attributes. The proposed model is consistent with TRU mission statement, values, and strategic priorities. It supports student choice within their area of study and allows for exploration beyond the degree major. The recommendation includes revision to policy ED 16-0 as well as a full general education model. These recommendations will need to follow normal academic approval processes and, once approved, will require a transition period for implementation.

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