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General Education

TRU's general education model and institutional learning outcomes (ILO) were unanimously approved by Senate on April 29, 2019. A notice of motion was served at the same Senate meeting regarding revisions to policy ED 16-0 Types of Undergraduate and Graduate Credentials, which incorporates the general education model and ILOs, this policy was unanimously approved at the May 27, 2019 meeting of Senate.

Four themes

  • Connection
  • Engagement
  • Exploration
  • Local to global
  • Eight institutional learning outcomes (ILO)
  • General education course requirements are not assigned by level.
  • General education courses may count toward both disciplinary and general education graduation requirements.
  • Students are encouraged to take the high-impact practice requirement during the first two years of study.

Twenty-seven credits

Twenty-four credits
  • Two courses per theme; at least one course per institutional learningn outcome
  • One course must be a high-impact practice
  • Minimum of one course per theme outside of the discipline
Three credits
  • Capstone course from program of study in final year

Institutional learning outcomes

The general education model incorporates eight (8) ILOs: teamwork, communication, lifelong learning, citizenship, knowledge, critical thinking and investigation, Indigenous knowledges and ways, and intercultural awareness. Follow the link to read the full description of the TRU Institutional Learning Outcomes.

Next steps

Now that the policy has been approved, TRU will begin planning for the implementation of the general education model. TRU will continue to take a bottom-up approach to general education by ensuring faculty lead the identification of general education courses based upon set criteria. The Academic Planning & Priorities Committee of Senate has directed the General Education Taskforce (GET) to facilitate the implementation process in collaboration with faculties and schools.

For regular updates on the progress of implementation visit the GET OneTRU site.

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